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IES Libertas. Torrevieja.

Departamento de Inglés

relative clauses
1. Match columns A and B to form sentences.

The computer who is looking at you is my sister.
The hospital that you bought yesterday are too small.
The shoes where I was born is in Alicante.
The girl which I would like isn’t very expensive.

a. The computer which I would like isn’t very expensive.

b. _____________________________________________________________
c. _____________________________________________________________
d. _____________________________________________________________
2. Complete the sentences with the relative pronouns who, which, that, where:

a. There are many people who are overweight.

b. This novel is the best ________ I’ve ever read.
c. This is the school _________ we studied many years ago.
d. Those are the girls _________ are coming to our class.
e. That one is the house ________ I want to buy.
f. Did you watch the programme _________ I told you about?
g. Those are the beaches _________ we used to go in the summer.
h. Snooker is a game __________ I played when I lived in Great Britain.
3. Complete each sentence using who, which, that, when or where and an idea from the box:
you can wash clothes designs buildings invented the telephone
measures temperature we celebrate Christmas

a. Alexander Graham Bell was the man who invented the telephone.
b. A launderette is a place
c. A thermometer is something
d. An architect is someone
e. December is the month

4º E.S.O. 1
IES Libertas. Torrevieja. Departamento de Inglés

4. Complete the text with the relative pronouns where, which, that, who:
Last week I went to the cinema and saw a film which was great. Its name is “Billy
Elliot”. It’s about a boy __________ wants to be a ballet dancer. After the film, we
went to McDonald’s, __________ we had dinner. After that, I met Kelly, the girl
__________ helps me with my English homework. We talked for twenty minutes, and
after that, we went to the parking lot __________ our car was. Finally, we went
home. It was a great night!

4º E.S.O. 2

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