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Ali Xeeshan’s collection Khamoshi (Silence) for PLBW16 shot by Abdullah Haris calls out

against “underage marriages that take place in Pakistan and the rest of the world every year. The
innocence of these girls is snatched away from them and their childhood is betrayed by their own
families. The silent cries are heard by no one, and they weep until there is no choice left but to
resign to fate.”

Read this link below for information related to crime of street gang in bangladesh:


get the story plot from yaqeen ka safar about nori : be careful to not copy their way or the plot idea is
completely your own
The third storyline involves Noori, a naive girl living in a rural village of Sindh. Noori is kidnapped by
a minister's son Jehangir Shah, who tragically gang rapes her with his two friends. She is rescued
the next day by a man who brings her to the hospital where the doctor calls her family and informs
them of the incident. Eventually the family decides to stay mute since they are poor and unable to
bring allegation against a minister. Noori's father goes to the police station to report against Jehangir
Shah for raping Noori but instead the police threaten him. After the incident, Noori's family is insulted
in the village so Noori decides to take revenge on Jehangir and his friends. She runs away from her
house and is found by and taken to Karachi by Rumana, an NGO lady in Karachi. Rumana informs
Daniyal about the Noori gang-rape incident. Daniyal travels to Karachi, meets Noori and decides to
file a case against Jehangir Shah and his friends.
In Islamabad, Daniyal files a case against Jehangir Shah who is finally arrested. When Usman came
to know about Daniyal being involved in gang-rape case, he tried to stop Daniyal for getting involved
in this case specially fighting against Rab Nawaz, the minister, who is Jehangir's father. Daniyal did
not listen to his father and kept fighting for justice. Daniyal hired a secretary, Urooj, who was actually
sent by Rab Nawaz to spy on him and hide all the evidences against Jehangir Shah. One night, 2
men were sent by Rab Nawaz Shah to scare Daniyal to stop him but without success. Daniyal had a
doubt on Urooj as he cannot receive all the evidences against Jehangir Shah. He told his friend who
was a policeman to spy on Urooj. Usman and Lubna's (Daniyal and Asfandyar's mother) wedding
anniversary was close so Asfandyar, Daniyal, Geti and Faryal had secretly planned their surprise
wedding anniversary party. During the party, Daniyal was about to leave his office when his
secretary stopped him by falsely telling him that she has found another important evidence against
Jehangir. The policeman told everything about Urooj to Daniyal: that she is the girlfriend of one of
Rab Nawaz Shah′s minions. When Daniyal asked her who has sent her, she smeared her lipstick
and tore her clothes and cried that he is trying to molest her. The police came and arrested Daniyal,
and Usman was called to the police station. Usman and Asfandyar went to see what was happening.
Faryal′s father who was Usman′s brother blamed Daniyal for spoiling their self-respect. Daniyal was
bailed out the next morning and the media was everywhere. Usman was angry at Daniyal as he
stayed involved in rape-case against Jehangir despite his father′s warning. Later, he went with the
policeman to find all evidences against Urooj to prove he did not molest Urooj but it was Rab Nawaz
Shah′s planning. He found all evidences against Urooj. When policeman was back home, he was
shot to death. The next day, Daniyal went to his office to find all evidences against Jehangir Shah
that Urooj had hidden from Daniyal. As he almost found all the evidences and went inside his office
room, 3 people were sent from Rab Nawaz, Daniyal took his revolver out, 1 of the person snatched
the revolver and shot Daniyal to death, leaving him in a way that showed he committed suicide,
leaving a note on the laptop, apologizing to his parents, brother and wife for embarrassing them and
apologizing to Urooj for abusing her. Just before leaving home, Daniyal had had another debate with
Geti because she was terrified of losing him after the thinly veiled threats his father was receiving.
He meets Asfand on his way out and when Asfand attempts to remonstrate with him he expresses
his disappointment that Asfand doesn't know his brother well enough. It must be noted here that
while Asfand is still a student, Daniyal is already his father's pride and joy for his professional
success. Later, Usman and Asfandyar came to see what happened to Daniyal. Daniyal's dead body
was brought to hospital for autopsy to see if it is murder or suicide. It was proved suicide. After
buring Daniyal, the whole family was depressed. Later, Jehangir Shah was bailed from jail with his
friends and they were celebrating and Rab Nawaz Shah was promising people to facilitate his village
by building roads and hospitals. At the same moment, Noori came along with a gun and shot Rab
Nawaz, Jehangir and his friends to death for justice.

Name of the story: A love of a mother

In the capital city of Bangladesh called Dhaka Mirpur, a live named Borsha kaseem who is 17 years
old live with her widowed mother in a small 2 storey house built by her late father habeb Abdul
kaseem . details about borsha :
Age 17 years old
Education 2nd year of intermediate
Looks: long waist length hair , deep black eyes height about 5 feet 2 inch

Assalamualikum and hello to my lovely readers this is my very first story publishing in wattpad and this is
also my first time writing a story in wattpad so hope everyone likes it and support my work. About the
story, it is not a romantic or action thriller story it is totally different from what I read so far it is totally
based in a relationship of a mother and daughter, the way they live their life.
This is my own creation and it is totally my own idea it is not taken from anyone or any sources. I have
come up with this idea while watching criming and reading alot about the percentage of rape cases
happening in today's world and mostly in bangladesh the system

A girl named borsha was living a peaceful life with her mother in the capital city of Bangladesh called
Dhaka. She was the only child of her mother and is the sweetheart that brightens up her mother's life
since her birth. When her mother was pregnant with her for four months her father died as a soldier
during one of his fieldwork anyhow her mother only hopes to continue her living was borsha who was
the world to her. But everything crushed her mother’s world when Ayesha Alam found her 18 years old
daughter, Borsha in one of hospital’s ward the female doctor informed her that her daughter was
brought to hospital in early morning hour’s by an old man who found her in unconscious state, bloodied
and bruised and immediately brought her to the hospital. The doctor also informs her of the incident
about borsha being gang-raped after going through her reports. Eventually, her mother decides to stay
mute since they were poor and fearing the pressure her daughter will face in the society. Being nothing
able to do for her only child as a mother along, Borsha herself report about this incident to the police
officer but in response, the police threaten her to remain silent as it is totally her fault for being raped
and move in her life as they cannot do anything about it. But this didn't stop her, and eventually, Her
struggle for justice continues and during this phrase, her engagement with Dr. Zakir Mirza was also
called off due to her being impure. This tore borsha apart but she didn’t give up as she wanted justice
and this continues for several months while all the time her mother was watching her daughter
sleepless night and her life being shatter in front of the eyes. She being a mother couldn’t do anything
for her daughter and felt devastated and only prayed to Allah for helping her daughter in her battle for
justice …….. One night she gave her daughter a warm cop of a cup to make her sleep peacefully as she
has been having nightmare since the incident happened but the very next morning Borsha was found
dead in her bed with blood.

So what do u think did her mother killed her daughter who was her only source of living in this hopeless

or Did Borsha committed suicide to end all of her misery all for once and Do u really think she will do
such a cowardice act when she was fighting for justice all alone?

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