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Class : B (Environmental Engineering )

1. How can we make people eat healthler food ?

Answer :

To make people want to eat healthy food, we must change the mindset that healthy food
does not mean that it tastes bad. therefore, we must make healthy foods look more interesting
and have a good taste.

2. Do you think that cooking is a pleasure or a burden for most people ?

Answer :

in our opinion, everyone has a different view of cooking. there are people who like to cook,
so for them cooking is a fun activity. for every mother, cooking is an activity that is carried out
every day. there are also people who do not like cooking, so for them cooking is a burden.

3. How to cook your favorite dish/es ?


a). Ingredients :
1 tie of Moringa leaves, pick the leaves
2 pieces of sweet corn, combed
1 liter of water

b). Seasoning :
2 pieces kencur
4 onion grains
2 cloves of garlic
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar
3 bay leaves

c). How to make :

First of all, Scrub all seasoning ingredients (can also be sliced / cracked enough).After that,
Heat the water to a boil, add seasoning and young corn. Then, Cook until corn is tender enough.Add
Moringa leaves, add salt and sugar. Next, Correction of taste. Last, Lift and serve.