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Max Step Fusion Competition 2023


You can seat here but your place is on the dance floor. This event is for everyone

who has a passion of dancing or skilled in dancing. It helps you to test yourself to

become a challenger by facing those levels until you reach to the highest stage or the

max step and you must defeat your opponents through dancing. This competition is

not just to impress, it is also to express your true emotion and to show the real you

to everyone. You can experience a lot of things like making new friends, knowing

new things and become a part of the family or the show. It is also to encourage the

people of our nation who love dancing to break out to their shell and show to us

what they got. You can join to this event either solo or a group. A group must

compose of 7 to 15 performers. You must be 15 years old and above. This

competition is an open category. The registration fee is Php. 8,000. This event is

more fun and exciting because you will meet the best and famous dancer in every

part of the places in our country.



Once you find your ideal location, the next step is setting up the space and determining

the best, most cost effective and functional way to fill the space. When you find your

space, you will have a tangible element to begin constructing your dream and your satge.

 As mentioned before, the layout of your space is critical to maximizing your business

capabilities. Your design should be smart, sleek, and efficient.

 When designing your space keep in mind that about three-fourths of your space should be

dedicated to income producing (danceable) space.

 An important question to consider is how much space does a dancer need? If there is a

1,000 square foot room, how many teenage dancers can fit into that room comfortably?

 Lobby space should be minimal. The lobby does not need to be a large space for parents

to loiter, as that encourages gossip and detracts from studio space. Necessary spaces like
office space, bathrooms, and hallways should be practical (often, minimum size is

dictated by building codes), but should be kept as small as possible.

In creating your space layout, maintaining dance space as the priority is the key.

My Minature Stage


General Production

Stage Manager Assistant Stage


Technical Director Board of Directors Marketing Lighting

MARK JANN PEREZ Manager Designer

Usher Wardrobe PROMOTER



In making this show, we will gathered at the Red Planet Quezon City, Manila and we will

tackle about how to run the show and how to make it interesting to the people who will

watch the show. So the entire person who has higher rank of making the show had joined

the meeting. All of us have many suggestions just to run the show successfully. We

agreed that the rehearsals should take place in the actual performance space. Plan and

practice all the entrances and exits. Music and technical equipment should be securely

placed and sound levels checked. If you do not have an allocated technical person/team, it

is a good idea to have your own supply of extensions cords and tape (gaffe or good

quality masking tape) for all wires and cords. Make sure both the performance space and

audience areas are clean and safe. Have plenty of run-throughs so that performers can be

familiar and comfortable not only on the stage, but with all backstage operations.

Schedule a special ‘technical run’ for the first time that lights and sound are used and

prepare your students for a stop-start rehearsal as lights need adjusting or timing isn’t

right. Everyone will need to be patient. Expect technical problems and be prepared for

last minute frustrations and stress! This might be a good time to share a surprise bag of

treats or lollies. Allow time for the group to adjust choreography in the performance

space if necessary. Spend time on discussion after rehearsals and encourage performers to

solve any problems and offer ideas for improvements. With intensive rehearsal focusing

on ‘steps’ and technicalities, performers may need encouragement to recapture the initial
excitement, stimulus and intention. Promote confidence and pride. We make sure that all

of the staff should work with it so that the show must go on and to be successful and

might be promote in the other country.


A dancer expresses a story in rhythm and sound with the body. To be successful, it takes

more than natural talent. A dancer must work hard to be agile and flexible. Dancing

requires dedication to understand the language and mood of a dance through music,

literature and history. Those who are competitive, responsible and resilient might have

the opportunity to perform on stage.

 Director- typically oversee the production of a dance performance, whether on

stage or in film. They are in charge of hiring dancers and choreographers, running

rehearsals, and making decisions regarding creative and practical elements of the


 General Manager- He or she directs the administrative and financial activities of the company,

hires and manages the administrative staff, reports to the board of directors and aims to ensure the

organization's stability and longevity. The managing director may also be called the general


 Production Manager- oversees the entire production, including coordinating and

setting the production schedule with the designers and the choreographer, hiring
technicians and troubleshooting the production. The production manager works to

keep the entire production on track and on budget.

 Stage Manager- He or she usually wears a headset during the performance and

directs members of the cast and crew to ensure that all aspects of the production -

sound and lighting cues, the placement of sets and props on-stage and off, and the

exits and entrances of the performers - are executed at the right time and in

accordance with the choreographer's directions.

 Assistant Stage Manager- The one who assist the stage manager.

 Technical Director- oversees all technical aspects of a production and has

knowledge of many aspects of stagecraft, such as lighting, sound and rigging. He

or she is often required to problem-solve in the days leading up to opening night.

The technical director writes the technical rider for the show.

 Board Of Directors- a group of interested individuals who ensure that a dance

company is soundly governed, sufficiently funded and adheres to good business

and fiscal practices. Board members may be business professionals such as

lawyers and accountants who will lend their expertise, supporters of the

organization's artistic director and donors or patrons of the dance company.

 Marketing Manager- coordinates the marketing and promotions of a dance

company. He or she aims to brand the organization through consistent and eye-

catching media campaigns, the company's website, newsletter and house

programs, as well as its logo and letterhead.

 Lighting Designer- creates lighting states that complement or highlight the

movement. A sequence of lighting states are then made into lighting cues and

plotted on a diagram. The lighting plot specifies the type and number of lights to

be used, their position, colour and intensity.

 Usher- works for the theatre and takes tickets, distributes programs and seats

audience members. An usher also monitors audience behaviour during

performances, escorts audience members in and out of the theatre and ensures that

fire exits are not blocked.

 Wardrobe Manager- supervises all costumes, including shoes, hats and

headdresses created and worn during the season. He or she ensures that the

costumes are available for use, clean, fitted to the dancers, in good repair and

stored properly between performances.

 Promoter- develops opportunities for and increases access to dance events in his or

her community. A promoter aims to raise the profile of dance by working with

venues and presenters to build relationships and nurture an audience for dance.

Trophies/Certificates: Php. 110,000.00

Consulation Price: Php. 10,000.00 (every group who had carried in top 10)

Event Hall/Expences- Php. 500,000.00

Judges- Php. 35,000.00

Snacks (for the staffs) – Php. 5,000.00

Guest: Php. 400,000.00


TOTAL: Php. 1,060,000.00

The total of all budgeting and requirements: Php. 1,060,000.00

Groups that will join- 100 group and solo participants x Registration fee: Php 8000

Total: Php. 800,000.00

TOTAL: Php. 260,000.00



NAME: Princess May Acaso

AGE: 16

BIRTHDAY: May 11, 1999

BIRTHPLACE: Davao Regional Hospital, Apokon Tagum City

GENDER: Female

RELIGION: Seventh Day Aventist


STATUS: Single

NAME OF PARENTS: Delia Acaso and Ariel Gil Dela Vega



ELEMENTARY: Visayan Village Central Elementary School

SECONDARY (JUNIOR HIGH): Digos City National High School/ Tagum City

National Comprehensive High School

GENERALIZED SCHOOL: Tagum City National Comprehensive High School

AFFILIATION: I was a former member of Indak Kabataan Dance Troupe and

Music Ensemble because of moving of residence but now I’m a member of KPAG.

MOTTO: The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
Max Step Fusion Competition 2015


A Concept Represented to the Administration Faculty and Staff of Tagum City

National Comprehensive High School

Tagum City


In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the

Special Program in the Arts

Dance Arts



Princess May Acaso

November 12, 2015