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sorrri2018 Bhagavad-Git: Chapter 4, Verse 5 Chapter 4 Approaching the Ultimate Truth Chapters oosose ‘Transliteration Anvaya Translation Commentaries of the Four Authorized Vai Verse § oc Zrinai 00/03 Bengal 00/03 Senatsh ono /02 Each ooo rors German ooo/017 Bork 0.00/08 Chinese ooo fl spancse 000/020 French ooo/017 Wispanish nora Taian 0.00/05 Wromuguese 000/021 sie 00/024 BAntis 00/012 00/017 em Russian ooo /017 nava Sampradayas Rada Vaisnave Sampradaya Lond Krishna replying informs Arjuna that He insuctod Virvavan ina diferent form then the one Arjuna i beboling st imperishable He remembers i a well a every appearance tat He ever manierted ‘Sri Voisnava Sampras aman Commentary itp nw bnagavad-sitaorg/Gta/verse-04-05.Ntml ‘Brahma Vainava Sampradaya Kumara Vienava Sampradaya Kesavs Kasmin’s Commentary 42 son720%8 Lord Krishna declaration of many bic have past for you and for Me isa definite alfermation of the reality of encaraton for Arjuna and confirmation of the avatars of incamatios of the Supreme Lord Krishna, What Hei config is that His present inearaton i as real a Aja’ present ie reincation sd that the nes fom te past are rel at wel sub implying tha here isa fundamental difetence between thers. The natre ofthe avatars, bow they mane and thei purpose for inearating i given nex Bhagavad-Gits Chapter 4, Verse 5 Lord Koishna understanding. Asuna intetion in posing this «gestion explains fat many bth ave passed meaning thal they have both experienced many bodily manifestations. Lad Krishna inaare of ther ll x well ar al eter living binge becaute Hie Inwwledge it complete aod existe but Adun’s knowledge is veled ar well ar ll other living ents, “Thus ends commentaies of chapter 4, verse Sof the Svimad Bhagavad-Git, itp shew bnagavad-sitaorg/Gtalverse-04-05.Ntml