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‘As recorded by FRANK SINATRA COME FLY WITH ME Words SAMMY CAHN eunrer 1 Music by tants VAN HEUSEN Arranged by QUINCY JONES 7 Adapted by MIKE TOMARO Goa) S72 = 125 Grenut More), . = ~ ys ea rare| ri Pov a Pap 9 et ee i To +i A 4 1 t = = i we Tes u 3 f——p-bp—p— yr be ey ee Cy ne we - + z SS al Cy " ; ote ie cs ti x % w i ie Copmight © 1958 Cahn Music Co, WB Music Corp. and Maravile Misic Comp. Copyright Renewed ‘Tis arargrment Copyright © 2009 Cahn Music Co, WE Music Cor anc Maravile Music Comp. "AI Bf for Cabn Music Co. Admiistexed oy WB Music Com, esnatonal Copyiht Secured Al igits Reserved Teumper J se 2 bio = # 5 (rocue wore’ a ee 8 4s YW 104 Ey o