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BROWNSVILLE INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT TITLE I-A FAMILY ENGAGEMENT POLICY 2018-2019 Besteiro Middle School 1 staTeMenr oF PURPOSE on aleslit Besteiro Middle School's commited to proving @qualty education to every student incur campus. Pertneshigs with parents and the community are essental to this goal as nainer nome nor school can achieve tis goal independent. Everyone gains If acheol an hame work together fo prmote high Student achievement "Parents play an important role as children's fist teacher and ther suppor i eral to ter enlen’s success. Beste Mile Schoo! intencs to Inehude parents inal aspects oF the schooTs THe I-A programs to create a schookhome partnership that wil promote student success. Grade level goals forall children at Bestezo Midie School wil be dietibuted to parents withthe ‘expaciaton that a students wl work toward these goals. Bester Middle School recognizes that some ‘Students may need the ex essstance of Tite A programs lo reach these goals ands commited > Providing tet support ‘Att schoo! tutorials 'STAAR tutorial and instructional materials for students (STAAR Workbooks) Fine Arts program wil be encouraging students to focus and mainain good grades [Ahltc program willbe encouraging students to focus and maintain good grades (Counseling sessions |L PARENT ENGAGEMENT IN DEVELOPING ANO REVISING THE POLICY Bestoro Middle Schoo! Parent Advisory Commitee consisting of campus parents, teachers, principale {and community members developed the campus Famly Engagement Poly. Bestero Made Schoo! ‘ail annualy form an Adesory Commitee to review te Famly Engagement Poscy and to revise ta ‘Recessary. Special attention wil be given fo recruling parent volunteers of children served inthe Tie - ‘A programs, wih a goal of having atleast two pares of each campus on the committee. The Tie I-A Family Engagement Poly wil be posted on the campus website ‘+ August 2018 — May 2019 (Tite -A Family Engagement Policy wil be dstibuted) October 2018 and Fabrusry 2019 Tie A Family Engagement Policy willbe reviewed during [DPAC parent meeting) lw ANQUAL TTLE LA CAMPUS PARENT MEETINGS Bestoro Mile School wl hold an annual Tie | meeting for parents. Thase meetings wilde Fed during the fl semester. The purpose ofthis mestng is o provide parents with information regarcing Te I-A guidelines and services ofered utizing Tile I-A funds 28 slated in the curent Family Engagement Poly. The Family Engagement Polcy wil also be dtibuted to parents. Parents wil be von the ‘ppetunty to ofa ther suggeetins for any rewsione tothe policy, Parents may alsa volutes Io serve (onathr te distict-wide or ndivdual schoo's advisory commitioe or bth ‘The annual Tite IA meeting will be held at flexible mes to increase the opportunity fo parental paricjpation. Engish and Spanish transition wile avaiable. Writen notices in bo languages wil be Sento parents notifying them of the date and times of the meetings. Parent volunteers. pares anes, ‘and parent liaisons wil also contact oer parents by phone regarding the meetings. Volunteers whe ‘Speak bth English and Spanish wil make all contacts, ‘+ September 2018 - February 2019 (ite campus parent meetings wil be conducias) uly |v. SCHOOL-PARENT-STUDENT COMPACT ‘According to Tite A regulations, Bestero Middle School must share responsibility with parents for high student achievement by Joinly developing a SchooLParent Student Compact. These compacts must outine the responsibiftes of parents, staf, and students for promoting high stent performance. Parents onthe Bestaro Midge School Advisory Commitee must bei {he compacts. Students responsbilies may vary by grage level parents {tem the cis sehool wit a checks ofthe esponsoiis that eachers, pa for helping students achieve their goal. Parents are urged to discuss the compact wth tnlrohferen bofee thoy andthe chidren sign the document The Schook Parent Student Compact wil be posted con te campus website + August 2018 ~-May 2019 (School Parent Student Compacts willbe distributed) ‘+ October 2018 and Februery 2019 (Schook-Parent Student Compacts wil be reviewed ding PAG parent meeting) \, TYPES OF FAMILY ENGAGEMENT Besteiro Middle Schoo! wil provide opportunites for parent engagement to become involved In thelr children’s education, Bestaro Midsle Senool values Both the st-homa contebutions of parents and ‘hose that take place atthe senocl or i the communy. Reading fo cist at home and tlking wih ‘ham at famly meals are as important as volunteering at school and serving on adveory commitees Many types of family engagement are needed in school home community parinershp to hep allchien succeed. In alignment wih BISD's philosophy and mission. each Campus Improvement Pian (CIP) must include a famiy engagement component. Al parent and communty volunters must comply withthe istic patey regarding Stato of Texas background checks. Weekly meetings Nution Class Health Awareness Claes as & Crate Safety Training ADAPT PROGRAMS TO THE NEEDS OF OUR COMMUNITY Each year Bestavo Middle School wil assess tno noeds of parents and children in the community through a venety of measures, including parent surveys, so that Tae! programs canbe talered to moet those needs. Workshops and other programs willbe avaiable to address the expressed needs. Parents wil be noied ofthese opportunites bythe Indviual school, Prents may also call the Parental involvement Department or the school office fo exorees an interest ina petcuiar workshop topic a to make recommendations about the program. + September 2018 ~ May 2019 (Parent Consultation Survey wile conducted) Vil. STAFF-PARENT COMMUNICATION Bestero Midcle Schoo informs parents of monthly actives and current issues through vatious means of communication. Communication wih parents should als inciode school newsletter dlevibuled by the schoo! atleast four times a year Notices sent home should beinboth English and Spanish. Parents ‘are encouraged to take the initativeincaling ther ehl's teacher or campus administrator when they have a concern. Staff should recsive training on techniques to inprove Rome-schol communication Parents may participate In this taining Phone calls Flere School Messenger Marquee School web ste ‘Staff Development (August 2018-May 2010) ‘VILEVALUATION ‘The disticiowide Tile L-A Parent Advisory Commitee, which includes parents of Tie |, Migrant Bilingual, Special Needs and GT students, wil parcipate in the process of school review and improvement. This covmitee wil elect infrmaton aa vane of ways. ncuding campus vist an