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Audience Research - Pursuit

The primary target audience for my chosen project will be teenagers and young adults in the
age group of 15-24. I will have a secondary target audience from the ages 25-34 since they
would also enjoy the action aspect of the film as they watch superhero films which have
aspects of both sci-fi and action which is a shared statistic from the 15-24 age group.

The gender will be predominantly but not limited to female, the primary to secondary
audience difference may likely be 60:40 or 6:4 due to a lack of a love interest which means
male audiences may be more inclined to watch the film, however, female audiences will be
more inclined due to a female lead character, statistically, female audiences have a 34%
engagement to Rogue One which shows a liking to sci-fi and higher engagement ranging
from 78-69% engagement with female leads. My secondary target audience, males, would
enjoy movies with sci-fi elements as there is a 64% engagement to Rogue One and a range
of a 31-22% engagement to movies with movies that have a female lead.

Socio-economic status
The primary audience will be A, B and C1 since sci-fi movies will typically appeal to these
groups since sci-fi genres are popular in these specific socio-economic groups. The
engagement to Rogue One in the AB group is 41% and the engagement to Superhero
movies are 39-38% and since these movies contain both elements, it will appeal to those
groups too. The secondary audiences in DE have a 19% engagement to Superhero movies
which means these genres have an appeal to that audience too

The genres that are most popular in the East of England were Sci-fi and Action, as well as
the secondary audience, the North West and the film would appeal to these areas best since
it will have elements of action. The East has a 10% engagement to Suicide Squad which has
Sci-fi and Action in the movie and the North West has a 16% engagement to Doctor Strange
which has similar elements in the genre.

The target audience may be influenced by the income of the audience since black families
make 8,000 less on average.

The target audience will be influenced by their income depending on whether or not their
income can cover watching a film

Sexual Orientation
Sexual orientation wouldn’t have much of an influence on the target audience

The target audiences interests will include sci-fi and action so it would appeal to them
My primary target audience will be females aged at the group of 15-24 in the social classes
ABC1, mainly from the Northwest and East of England who can afford to watch films and are
interested in sci-fi and action since it would appeal most to them because it would be most
relatable/appealing to those audiences due to how they will want a character to relate to in
terms of personality.

My secondary audience will be males aged at the same age group in the same social class
that are from the same places that can afford to go to watch the film and potentially bring
members of the primary audience since it would appeal to both groups and it would
contribute to group enjoyment since there would be parts of the film that males would enjoy
just as much as the female side of the audience.