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Nick Name: Pangrum

My Imaginary State

Name of State: Sin Samut Kingdom

Elements of the state

(describe your state’s territory, population, government, and sovereignty)
Territory: It is a small state that occupies 127,859 square kilometer. 80% of the land is composed of water. It is
surrounded by the sea in three sides and connected to Nemo Republic.

Population: Sin Smaut Kingdom has 5,596,000 people.

Government: Absolute Monarchy with the king as both head of state and head of government. The king is
above the laws and people don’t get to voice their opinion. Power is passed among the royal bloodline.
Sovereignty: Sin Samut kingdom has absolute control over itself. Since the past, this area is occupied by
ancestors of citizen of this state. It has never been colonized by anyone because there are only a few nearby
state since the location is by the sea. Apart from the war fifty years ago that Sin Samut kingdon lost part of its
fishing area to other states, there was no war ever since and we started trading and maintain good relationship
with these states.
Nation or Not?
(clearly say if your state is a nation or not, then describe why-characteristics)
It is a nation. This area has been occupied by these group of sailors who live by the sea in the past. Then the
population increase and it gradually become a nation with citizen who share cultures and ancestry and obey the
same rule for over 120 years. These people have believe in the water and wind spirit. They have rituals gold
every week to worship the sea god to give them good harvest and peace.

Type of Government
(explain what type of government your state has, be as specific as possible,
then describe how this type of government can or will affect its citizens - this part can be general)
Type of government: Absolute Monarchy. King of the country determine the rule and policies without having to
consult with people or their representative.
Effects (or potential effects) of the type of government chosen ​(at least 1 paragraph - 5 sentences)​:

King has absolute control over the country. He is both the head of state and the head of government and have
power in executive and legislative branch. The country under him will be in order and peaceful because security
level is high. People have their limited liberty and rights, however, there will be strict rules and law for the
citizen to follow and if violated will be severely punished. Moreover, law will be passed quickly according to
situations and national decision will be made quickly by the monarch without having to gain consent from any
other authority. In addition, the military will strong and they are directly under the monarch. However, there
will be some drawback to the freedom of people and the state as a whole. Absolute monarchy means only the
king opinions counts, so it has little room for any innovative ideas to be implemented. The state will most
probably use the same rule that has been passed on and resist any changes. Moreover, if the heir of the current
King is not good at ruling or if he is selfish, there is no way to prevent him from being the king, no matter how
displease the citizen might be.
Nick Name: Pangrum

Type of State
(clearly say if your state is a unitary, federal, or confederal state,
then describe how this type of State can or will affect its citizens)
Type of State: unitary

Effects (or potential effects) of the type of State chosen ​(at least 1 paragraph - 5 sentences)​:
The country

Unitary states means the central government have all the power, which in this case is the monarch. Since Sin
Samut is a small state, a few local government that existed only serves as place where people can come when
they have problems but it doesn’t have much power. The monarch and his subordinates will directly rule the
country. This type of government allow much quicker and easier national decision to be made. Sin Samut
Kingdom’s central government mainly focuses on its citizens interests and improve welfare of the country.
Also, when new laws are made, it will be immediately applied throughout the state without any delay. This
means there will be faster result (whether it is good or bad). Although this system allow more uniformity and
order, citizens have little role in unitary government. There is a high risk of the state to become dictatorial and
power might be used wrongly that might violate people’s rights and destroy international relationship. Unitary
government also put huge burden to the central government since all the work will be done there.

(clearly explain how much your government follows Montesquieu’s idea of the separation of powers
and then describe how this can or will affect its citizens)
Effects ​(at least 1 paragraph - 5 sentences)​:

My idea of government slightly follow Montesquieu’s idea of the separation of powers and will divided the
power into three separated branches. However, in all three branches, the executive and legislative branches will
be control by the monarch. With this type of power, the monarch will have the highest power and determine
most of the decision in the state except judicial. Citizen have little to no voice in this matter. If the monarch is
just then it is a blessing for people, but if it is the other way around, then there is nothing people can do.

Hobbes, Locke, or Rousseau

(clearly explain if the ideas of your government are most similar to Hobbes, Locke, or Rousseau
and then describe how this can or will affect its citizens)
Effects ​(at least 1 paragraph - 5 sentences)​:Hobbes

My ideal of government is most similar to Hobbes in that the best kind of government should have one man
with total power. The monarch in this state will have absolute power to rule and make laws. However, the idea
on people is less extreme than Hobbes’s that people are naturally selfish. Sin Samut Kingdom believes that
regardless of what nature of people is like or how they are going to change as they become more civilized, there
must be strict rule and clearly stated law to keep everything in order and maintain peace. The punishments for
any wrongdoing are severe. There are death penalty as well as tortures. The result will be reduction in crimes
and any disagreement in the state.Although the aim is for peace of the citizens, with this type of government
citizen will inevitably have limited freedom in their action. Citizen’s opinion will not be considered and does
not have much impact to create any changes on the state. This type of government reduce chance of protest or
any act to overthrow the government since the citizen will not think they have such power to do so and they
might even think it is normal for them to be ruled.
Nick Name: Pangrum

Authoritarianism or Libertarianism (government power)

(clearly explain if the ideas of your government are more similar to authoritarianism or libertarianism
and then describe how this can or will affect its citizens)
Effects ​(at least 1 paragraph - 5 sentences)​:Authoritarianism

My ideas of government lean toward Authoritarianism. On the graph, it would be about a quarter up. It means
citizen has to obey rules and law seriously. In addition, they will have little freedom but they will still have their
deserved rights. They do not have rights to protest against the government and will be punish for doing so. The
government will control all broadcasting and advertisement because it believe public opinion will cause
commotion in the country and result in disobedience and protests.

Socialism or Liberalism (economics)

(clearly explain if the ideas of your government are more similar to socialism or liberalism
and then describe how this can or will affect its citizens)
Effects ​(at least 1 paragraph - 5 sentences)​: Socialism

This country’s idea of government is more similar to socialism. It focus on country as a whole rather than
individual. Property and valuable resources are owned by the state and resources will be distributed equally to
the citizen to introduce equality. Moreover, it believes in collective effort of all citizen rather than just one
private owner. Citizen in the country will have equal chance to get health care and mandatory education.
however, there are also some disadvantages including lack of motivation to improve which result in slower
national growth and development.