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Lesson A Hi and Good-bye

1 Communication skill Greetings and Farewells

A Listen to the conversations. How do people say
hello and good-bye?

Loren: Hi, Rachel.

Rachel: What’s up, girl?
Loren: There is a senior party this Saturday.
Rachel: Yeah, the Artic Monkeys are playing.
Loren: That’s awesome!
Rachel: Great! I have class now. Good-bye.
Loren: Take care.

Student: Hello, Sir.

Principal: Good morning, Mr. Dawson. What
can I do for you?
Student: May I have a form for my
scholarship application, please?
Principal: Sure. Here you are.
Student: Thank you, Principal Williams.
Have a nice day.

B Order the words to make sentences. C Number the conversation from 1 to 4.

1. up / ´s / ? / What / boy _______I´m OK. It´s good to see you.

2. Mr. Brown / Hello! / am / I _______Hi, Joshua. How are you?

_______It´s good to see you, too.

3. soon / See / you / Mr Dawson
_______Hello, Jessica. I´m fine. And you?
4. Mr. Williams / Have / nice / day / a
Practice the conversation

2 Vocabulary Greetings and Farewells
Everyday Greetings Casual Farewells Formal Farewells
Hello Bye Goodbye
Hi Bye bye Farewell
Good morning/afternoon/ Later Have a good day
evening See you later. / talk to you Have a good one
How’s it going? later Take care
What’s up? Have a good one
Sup All right then
Hey there So long
How are you doing today? Good night
How’s everything?
How are things?

3 Reading and Listening

A Read and listen to the dialogue. Complete the sentences with nationality adjectives.

Alessio: Good morning.

Duvan: Hello. I am Duvan.
Chantal: And I´m Chantal. Who are you?
Alessio: I am Alessio.
Chantal: Nice to meet you, Alessio. We’re new here.
Alessio: Me too! Where are you from?
Duvan: I´m from Colombia.
Alessio: Oh, you’re . And you?
Chantal: I am from France. And you? Are you from ?
Alessio: No, I’m not. I’m from .
I’m from Florence. Are you in class 8?
Duvan: No, we aren’t. We’re in class 6.
The teacher, Mr. Quintana, is .
Alessio: Oh, my teacher is Mrs. Flores de Valgas.
She isn´t . She’s .
Chantal: Oh, time for class. See you later.
Alessio: OK. See you, guys!

B Work with a partner introducing yourself.

Student A: Hi, my name´s Andrew. Nice to meet
you. What´s your name?
Student B: Hello. Nice to meet you, too! I´m
Mike. Where are you from?
Student A: I´m from Ecuador. I live in
Esmeraldas. And you?
Student B: Oh, I´m from Italy. I live in Rome.

Lesson B Are you a student?
1 Communication skill Introducing people
A Listen to Mr. Thomas introducing a friend to another person.

Thomas: Mr. Taylor, I’d like you to meet Susan.

Susan: It’s a pleasure to meet you.
Taylor: The pleasure is all mine, Ms....
Susan: Henderson. Susan Henderson.
Taylor: Ms. Henderson.
Susan: So, Mr. Taylor, are you in the same conference
with Miss Lee?
Taylor: Yes, I am.

2 Vocabulary
Mr. / ˈmɪs.tɚ / is used with a man’s surname.
Mrs. / ˈmɪs.ɪz / is used with a married woman’s surname (her husband’s surname). Learning tip
Miss / mɪs / is used with a single woman’s surname or name and surname. I have 26 years old. I am 26 years old.
Ms. / mɪz / is used with a married or single woman’s surname. I am from in Ecuador. I am from Ecuador.

A Numbers B The Alphabet

0 1 2 3 4 5 Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii
zero one two three four five
Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr
6 7 8 9 10 Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz
six seven eight nine ten

C Nationalities 3 Grammar verb be

an/-ian: Argentinian, Brazilian, Russian, Korean,
I He We
Canadian, Australian, Italian, Egyptian, Mexican.
ish: English, Irish, Polish, Turkish, British, Spanish.
She You
ese: Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese. It They
Others: Greek, French, Saudi.
am is are

A Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb B Replace the underlined words with the correct sub-
be (am, is, are). ject pronoun.
I Melissa and he my cousin Pete. 1. Ms. Williams is an intelligent woman.
I 18 and he twenty years old. She is an intelligent woman
They my brothers Richard and Roberth. 3. Miss Lee and Miss Wilson are doctors.
We students. 4. The mechanic isn´t busy.
You from China and your best friend 5. My father and I are in the factory.
from The USA. 6. Mr. Jones is handsome.
7. The dog is fluffy.

C Unscramble the words to make sentences.
1. He/my/not/brother/is Example: He is not my brother.
2. is/My cat/white/not
3. my English book/is/It
4. students/are/Susanne and Richard
5. country/Ecuador/my/is
6. Mexico/teacher/My/isn’t/Mathematics/from
7. This/is/very/restaurant/expensive

4 Grammar articles a/an

Learning tip
Indefinite articles a/an We use a before vowel sounds.
We use an before consonant sounds.
Indefinite articles a/an are used when
we are referring to an unspecified thing A Choose the correct word, a or an.
or quantity. For example: I am a teacher.
1. She’s a/an English teacher.
For example: 2. I’m a/an old student in this university.
My brother is a football player.
3. That’s a/an Spanish-English.
My mom is an English teacher.
4. He’s a/an good father.
5. I’m a/an actor.


A Ask questions to a partner to complete this form.
First Name:
A: What´s your first name? Nationality:
B: Andrea.
Phone Number:
A: How do you spell it?
E-mail Address:

6 Listening
A Listen to the conversations. Complete the tables below.

Codrington Library
First Name:
Last Name:
Phone Number:
E-mail Address:

Park Lake Library

First Name:
Middle Initial:
Last Name:
Phone Number:
Library Card Number:
Lesson C People’s jobs
1 Vocabulary Professions & occupations

A Play a game. One student thinks of a job and mime it to the class. The others guess the job.

2 Grammar Interrogative sentences with the verb Be

Yes/ No Questions
Verb be Subject Complement Short answers
Am I your teacher? Yes, you are / No, you aren´t
Is he/she/ it a nurse? Yes, she is / No, she isn´t
Are you/ we/they my neighbor? Yes, I am / No, I´m not
Information Questions
Wh questions Verb be Subject Complement Long answers
Where is the party today? It is in Michael’s house

A Read and Listen. Fill in the gaps.

A: And what do you do?

A: he? A: you from Italy?
B: I a manager.
B: His name Jack Houston. B: No. We from Spain.
A: That sounds interesting. I an
A: he a doctor? A: Oh, really? And what do you do?
B: Yes, he . But he B: Well, I an engineer and
B: you from Colombia?
famous. Kate a secretary.
A: No, I .I from Argentina.

B Match questions a-f with answers 1-6.

a. What’s your name? 1. It’s Bradson.
b. Where are you from? 2. He’s a mechanic.
c. What’s your surname? 3. It’s Phillip.
d. Where is your father? 4. She is Sarah.
e. Who is your sister? 5. I’m from England.
f. What is your brother? 6. He is in The USA.
3 Reading People around the world
“I am Taylor Wilson. I´m American. I’m 67
years old. I work in urban areas, where I can
carry people from and to places they need to
go. I´m a taxi driver.”

“My name is Zhio Ruo. I’m from China,

I’m a veterinarian. I examine animals to
diagnose their health problems.”
Tennessee, United States Hong Kong, China
“I am Tarant Borlase, I am an outgoing and
energetic guy from London, England and I am
in Australia now, working on a farm growing
vegetables and corn. I’m a farmer.”

“Hello, I´m Nina Cabral. I´m an account

manager. I work for Channel Sales in Sao
Paolo. I speak Portuguese, English and a bit of
Canberra, Australia Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
“My name’s Morgan Roy, I am a keen and
enthusiastic person. I work as a cashier in a
retail and customer service environment. My
nationality is Canadian.”

“I’m Sergio Rodriguez. I’m Mexican and I live

in Guadalajara. I ensure safety of people and
property from any sort of damages, thefts or
violence. I’m a security guard.”
Vancouver, Canada Guadalajara, Mexico

A Read again and choose the correct answer to the Yes / No questions below.
Is Taylor Wilson from The USA? Yes, he is. No, he is not. Is Taylor a bus driver? Yes, he is. No, he is not.
Is Zhao Lam a vet? Yes, he is. No, he is not. Is Sergio from Mexico? Yes, he is. No, he is not.
Is James a security guard? Yes, he is. No, he is not. Are James and Sergio doctors? Yes, They are. No, they are not.

4 Writing
A Write four descriptions about people you know. Use B Work in pairs. Ask and answer questions about people
countries, nationalities and jobs. Read the descriptions you know.
Student A: say an occupation. A lawyer.
Student B: Ask questions about it. Is your father a lawyer?
Example: My friend George is an Eng
He lives and works in Nashville.
C Tell the class what you know about your partner’s

Lesson D My first day of college
1 Communication skill Talk about personal information

Harry: Hi there. My name’s Harry. Louisa: Sorry, is there a restaurant

Richard: Hi. I´m Richard. near here?
Harry: Nice to meet you, Richard. William: Yes, there is one on campus.
Richard: Nice to meet you, too. Where Louisa: By the way, I’m Louisa. Nice to
are you from? meet you.
Harry: I’m from Houston. What about William: I’m William. Nice to meet you,
you? too. Listen, I have an online
Richard: I’m from Turkey. Oh, I have business. How do I find you
a class now. Can I have your on Facebook?
WhatsApp number, so we Louisa: As Louisa MoBa. MoBa is
could talk some other time? short for my last names. And,
Harry: Sure. It’s 0-9-8-0-9-3-7-6-2-4. what name do you use for
facebook? John: Good morning. I’d
Richard: Thanks, buddy. See you.
William: Will Jones. like to sign up for an
English course. Can you
help me with that?
Assistant: Yes, of course. What’s
your name?
John: JohnTorres
Assistant: Ok. What’s your ID
John: It’s 1-3-1-6-9-2-8-7-3-7
Assistant: What’s your email
John: It’s
Assistant: Could you spell that,
John: Sure. J-O-H-N-3-2-@-

A Listen to the conversations. How do people share their personal information?

2 Grammar verb be in action B Use the words to write questions. Use capital letters
where necessary.
A Complete the sentences using the correct form of the 1. is / your name? / what
verb to be. You can use the contractions ‘m, ‘re, ‘s. Use What is your name?
your personal information. 2. England / you / are / from / ?

3. you / from /are / where / ?

Hello, my name .I years 4. you / a teacher? / are
old. I from . I live in .
I a university student. I study at . 5. old / you / how / ? / are
I have siblings. My mother´s name .
She years old, and my father´s name . 6. you / where / ? / do / live
He years old.
7. your / is / number / phone / ? / what

3 Listening
A Listen to four people describing their jobs. Write the correct occupations according to the audio.

1. 2. 3. 4.

B Listen again to complete the sentences.

1. I work in an from to , in the . 2. I have
a part time-job on . I answer the , book rooms on and by
, make the guests fill the check-in forms and give all the .
3. My workplace is , I like a lot. I really love working in the .
4. I work twelve . After the I just want to go home and .

C Listen again to match sentences.

1. I work in After the hospital I just want a hotel.

2. I take phone calls, an office for the sick people is good.
3. I have a part time-job and help my boss to from Monday to Tuesday.
4. I also collect the money for staying I have to design classes.
5. My job is a little bit on weekends in in the hotel.
6. Working in the hospital stressful because to go home and sleep.
7. I work twelve hours a day to help doctors taking care order many papers.

4 Writing
A Write about you and your family. Think about their: names, surnames, nicknames, jobs, age, WhatsApp number
and email-address.

Lesson A This is my brother
1 Reading Getting Started
A Jennifer is describing her favorite people. Look at the picture of a family tree and complete the sentences with the
correct words from the box.

uncle son-in-law cousin brother daughter daughter-in-law son

brother grandmother mother father grandchildren grandfather aunt

Hello! My name’s Jennifer. Let me show

you my family.
My Walter is 70 years old. He is a
retired man. He is married to my
Helen. She is 65 years old. They have a
beautiful named Nancy, and a
handsome named Jack. Nancy
is my . She is 38 years old, she is a
nurse, and she is married to Jack. Jack is
my . He is 40 years old and he is a
high school teacher. My grandparents also
have a named Linda, she is my
. She is married to Frank. Frank
is my . They have a
named Alan, he is my , but
they have no . Finally, I have a
named Timmy. We are Walter
and Helen’s .

2 Vocabulary
cousin grandchildren
A Numbers mother girl
grandfather girlfriend
11 12 13 14 15 16 uncle
eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen wife son-in-law
brother boyfriend
17 18 19 20 30 40 fiancée fiancé
seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty thirty forty daughter father
husband aunt
50 60 70 80 90 100 boy
fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety One
B Family nouns
3 Writing My family
Classify the words from the box above according to the genre. A Write a short paragraph describing each member
in your family.
Male Female
Example: My father Peter is an Engineer. He
works for an internaqtional company.

4 Speaking My family is... Practice with your friends
A Now tell the class about your family.

5 Listening Talking about families

A Listen to Tina and Marcus talking about their families. Where are Tina’s Parents’ from? Does Marcus have
Tina: Well, Marcus, let me show you a picture of my family.
This girl with long black hair you see on the right is my
sister, Sue, she is 16 years old. She lives with my mother
and father in the city center of London. This is my brother,
Liam. He is so adorable. He is five years old. I like his
blonde curly hair.

Marcus: And who is that tall girl with those blue eyes?

Tina: That tall woman is my other sister, Melany. She is 20 years

old. She is married to Juan, but they have no children. She
lives in Liverpool. She is always generous with people. She
has a kind heart. I love her so much.

Marcus: Oh, and I suppose these are your parents.

Tina: Yes, This short woman you see is my mother. She is 55

years old. She is an incredible woman. She is a nurse at a
hospital here in London. And this bald man is my father.
His name is John. He’s 57 years old. He is a truck driver
and he works for a big company in Scotland. So, what
about you Marcus? Dou you have siblings?

Marcus: No, I don’t. I am an only child.

Tina: Oh, really? Well, you are the most treasure thing for your
parents I guess.

Marcus: hahaha! I suppose that.

B Listen and read the dialogue again to complete the

gaps with the missing words.

1. tall woman is my . For close objects For distant objects

2. girl with long and black hair you see on
the right is my .
This book
3. I suppose are your .
That book
4. is my , Liam.
5. And bald man is my .

6 Grammar Demonstrative pronouns

Location Singular Plural
Here This These These books
There That Those Those books
Demonstrative Demonstrative
pronouns adjectives
This is a red pen. This pen is red.
These are blue pens. These pens are blue.