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Chapter 5 _ Montaigne’s “Of Cannibals”: The Savage “I” We ought to have rpographers Montaigne, 131 we ate to believe Montagne, what near masks forigness. Therefore, the “onlinary” ies fats ut as wonderful as those th we go colesting in remate counts apd centres” (I, 12) Take the wellknown esay “OF ‘Cannas (31) as an example: le ws assume that there are surprises in tore for us doh fariar ext, What Montagne ponders in tis essay is precisely the stats ofthe strange: Who is “barbarian”? What a "savage" In shor, wha i he place ofthe other? ‘Topography “This ine of questioning places aw question both the ens power of composing Ani digrbutng places, ait to bea narrative of space, and the newest for ito dint elation to what teats, nthe words, to ons uplace ofits own. The ist aspect concerns he spac ofthe he: the second the pace ‘tthe text Onshe one and the text accomplishes a ptialzing operation which op Mil Cee hse spt Le a are Mp Ds ‘cient mete! mre ane Le Pon, Mee OS ‘anal compe, gp 70, 640 MoxTaKaNes “OF caval sess inte demotion dpeemt of he bones dining cla fel ts faa vie sage) Inesion i ewoks he pata sons ‘hh unde anorgaieacolve Forbes: or cla bn tiesto be change refed ode, pc of interplay ied, oe thr eases the a's iene, rakes pou pero an es “ory” he een off reac, by dtigucting kb So te nul win Wich tase he come) an fom sje he ene. { Momsane's sey fans bot a an ner ora (a etton oe (cat spice nd a he umn of ple (oes of wert), These two Sop roy mally Sng, rate he a's evo Ingo pce Ut smulanounly produces he pcs of he txt Bek IV of Heros” Hivos, devoted othe Syn, proceeds inthe sane mame hee mentioned inte OF Coase forms Tndament precondition ran archaeon” hoy ofthe "Saas. combines aepresemton of he oer (hic pas psion te Shan ‘eal snd he Aoi Syave,o e bararian ne ao e Oreck ‘komen and he action and secretion of th tea wines of he ter Tis. describing he Seti hat Heras ext cows a ace “Sts ea, By sein the eperatns wich posse” pc dict on Grek spac, he mali the rave arias ("sn eat”) and mates (5 obvi, Sou, nsec) WAR, ‘ith segsd othe "ares recounted he da) organize te place Wich woul ike to make him he! and owed AP mage fhe er and the pice of the fx re simutaneeay ross rou’ took, while abn he Frc of mele, oc Knowle Abner, beso oe), een te Greco a atari ther, so {eveopr an pay on meds. Lhe velo thst the bok ea themaditor the Pers, who vanes ny Sethian itary before stack ing the Grek, ad pl te of hi pr) an age fob ide. {he eve proton of nah, rf Hira ve, at a {be velo ea swe pdt, emery ae he wines, ere ‘es ngend and dosnt igs of wets abou be ota Herodots manipulates and modaizs, y meas ode. petsanen pace of uncon ese cues hs oa" at iterpice where the Fitionierect of «douse, alee othe recs, which eat bh he Grek a the Butras, otk on and he thee. “OF Camila” nerd whi striction in which he