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Grade 10 Unit One

1. Adulterate: the act of adding another substance to

something, cause the original product less
concentrated. Like watering down wine
2. Dour: an expression of foul attitude. Looking strict or
3. Guise: when someone presents themselves as something
they aren’t. a costume or outfit to represent a separate
4. Warily: a manor of completing a task with caution.
5. Deploy: the act of using something, bringing it into the
6. Reiterate: the act of repeating oneself to clarify or
emphasize the impact. Occasionally using different
words or mediums to get the message across.
7. Intimation: the act of making something known or
prominent. A suggestion or indication.
8. Fortitude: enduring an amount of pain or suffering
without letting the impact affect you. Courage or
9. Insidious: developing in a way almost unnoticeable.
Stealthy, subtle.
10. Pliable: able to bend at ease. Moldable, bendable.
11. Gape: becoming wide, open. Like a yawn.
12. Bereft: being deprived of or lacking something.
13. Augment: the act of adding something to something else
to make it more desirable. Expanding or multiplying.
14. Unkempt: having a messy or unclean environment.
15. Opulent: something that is extremely luxurious or
expensive. Lavish, or rich.
16. Ambidextrous: having both sides of something
dominant or able. Often mentioned as being able to
write with both hands.
17. Gibe: an insult. Using words or sentences to make
someone feel bad.
18. Verbatim: repeating the exact words or sentence.
19. Stolid: expressing little emotion, being blank and calm.
20. Tentative: unconfirmed and unsure of something.