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Call for Involvement

Communicators Pool

Dear alumni!
We want our BLGU to grow and are looking for sharp and creative minds to support us in the
implementation of the communication-related activities of Balkans, let's get up! Organisation in
2018 and 2019.
As you may already know, to support our activities, we have a Coordination Team, a Pool of
Facilitators and a Pool of Mentors. Now, we would like to work on establishing the Pool of
Communicators where we want to welcome persons who have skills and expertise in different Winner of Life Long Learning
Platform Award for 2016 for
areas of internal and external communication, and wish to share them through one of the
contribution to building
following fields of engagement: inclusive and democratic
educational systems
Five main fields of acting
1) Internal Communication
• Identification and introduction of new relevant communication channels for information and Winner of the National Youth
effective communication with and within team members and as well between different fields of Council of Serbia award for the
work of the Association (e.g. fundraising, PR, facilitation, mentoring, alumni work, etc.) - biggest contribution to the
together with coordinators and persons in charge of different activities of the Association, participation and engagement of
youth through international
2) Communication with Alumni cooperation for 2016
• Involvement in communication with and within our alumni network, in close cooperation with
the alumni representative(s), and identifying and introducing ways for keeping the network vivid
and connected to BLGU,
Winner of the
3) Communication with Partners “Youth Democracy Award”
• Involvement in communication with the existing partners, identification of relevant potential for 2010, awarded by the
partners, and making connections and forming a network of partners who have a similar mission Federal Agency for Civic Education
as BLGU,
4) Communication towards media and general public Contact:
• Working on visibility of the Association and its activities in national and regional media, and in
social media etc, +381 (0)69 2548-301

5) Communication with the target group of the activities

• Working on strategy for dissemination of Calls for our activities, communication with interested
potential participants.

What is in there for you

• The idea is that the new Pool of Communicators becomes a platform for exchange and peer-
learning related to communication skills, and you can develop it, shape it and grow with it,
• If the five stated fields of acting do not appeal to you, you might suggest working on something
you feel very motivated to dedicate your time to and see relevant for BLGU,
• If you have a skill that can be used in all the stated and possible new fields of acting (e.g.
presentation skills, storytelling, visual communication skills or similar), this is also possible,
• We want the Communicators’ Pool to be organized as our new capacity building activity, where
it is possible for you to develop your skills through certified educations, internship and mentoring
within the Pool but also with the experts in the field,
• We are open for new ideas, tell us yours, develop and shape the Pool with us!

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Communicators Pool, please send your
Expression of Interest to with:
• Information on your skills and experience relevant to one of the stated fields of the
• Short motivation, why you would like to be part of the Communicators Pool, how you imagine
you can contribute to its work and what you expect to learn from it and from other members in
the Pool.
We are awaiting your e-mails until the end of September. Everyone with motivation and ideas is
welcome! We expect the first online meet-up with interested persons to happen mid-October.
In case you have any questions related to this call feel free to contact Lili via email: and you can also ask for an online meeting or a phone Call

We are looking forward to your Expressions of Interest, and your future involvement in the
creation of this new field of engagement in our association!

Your, Balkans, let’s get up! Coordination Team