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ECTE! 9 ASSIGNMENT rBA ha’ Li Lye (b) With only one rotor winding on each axis, show that 7 3 ECTE939 ASSIGNMENT. A cross compound fossil fue] based steam turbine driven xyneronons generator has the following a Rated MVA 445 Rated kV 22.0 Rated ph 0.9 Xin 0.205 X) pu 8.260 Xq pu 1.65 0.205, Xi pu 0.460, 159 Ropu 1.0048 u15 Ts var 0.06 Ty is 0.032 KD 20 0920 Sons WALs9 639.5 MJ ile bus Unrough a transformer (22 kV/230 kV) and a ‘Lhe reactance of the transformer aud cach trans respectively on 443 MVA base. Note that Xy XN" rain of Ka — 200 and Ly 0.00 s. The generator is connected to double cireuit trans nission Fine are is Use a simple model of an ea Determine Lhe initial conditions for the generator when the power delivered to Lhe infinite 5 pu and 0 r wil br (a) T bus is 350 MAY at 05 (lagging) power factor. ait they are equal to zero. b) Evaluate the derivatives of all states and show (c) A Unies phase to ground short eirenit occurs at che mide “Phe fanlt is cleared! after 4 eyelos hy removing the faulted onus tnachine model simulate the transient for the Hirst 5 nlegration method. Ignore salur parallel eirenits, he sixth order ud determine ation. le uf one of Usin sync A the gene tor will be stable, Use RK-2 meters in pu An induction motor has the following p: Ry = 0.005, Ny = 0.09, Ng = 4.0, Ry = 0.005, Ny = 0) The above induction motor is connected to a strong network through @ transinission line ax asformer. The voltage of the network bus is 1,02/0° pu, ‘The resistance and reactance o} nd 0.01 pu respectively. The reactance of the transformer is the transiaission Tine are 0.0015 0.04 pu. The slip of the motor is 0.0052. (a) Determine the Rotor and Stator currents ECTE939 ASSIGNMENT. ix Lo Le VW Xm Ret jNXe JX x Ve ~ Visor Roe Raw FcR I 7 * EXi( Be Rux tN New) Ret IX. = Te Tietlten aXe Sen Figure 1: IME sivalent circuits (b) Determine the mechanical pawer developed by the motor (c} Determine the d and q axis components of the transient voltage (xf, and 2) (d) Determine te d aud q axis components of the rotor Luxes (04. and Oy) 6) E the voltage of the network bus suddenly changes to 1.000" pu, determine the deriva. ives of the rotor fluxes iamuendiately fur the occurence of the ve drop. The results obtained feu small sign shown in the follow's stab y aualysis performed on a power system are tables. The power system network has been modelled using constant frequency of 50 Lz ill b) It is required to design » PSS (or multiple P'S! all electromechanical oscillatios allowed is 2.0. Also assume that the linear asstmption is valid for gains admittances computed at nomina! m modes ‘a) Comment on the damping of o if required) to bring the damping of %, Assume that Lhe maximum gain p ta 2.0) modes at least Lo 5 (a) Bind the real aud imaginary parts of ical eigenvalues (h) Whiel aude do yo consider Best? State wh (c) Which generator do you choose to install a PSS, Justify your choice.