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Pll See You In My Dreams ; Lyric by Music by GUS KAHN FOX TROT SONG ISHAM. JONES Ukulele arr. by May Singhi Breen Moderat * see note below AAA = > ae Tho’ the days are long, Twi - light sings a song, In the drea. ry gray; Of an- oth. er day, rur B Fe FE Of the hap - pi - ness that used to be, Yowll be far a. way and Til be blues, Peer tlt — Fa Soon my eyes will close, Soon Ill find re - pose, Still I hope and pray, Thru each wear - y day, fWith Pian 2osr Copyright MCMXXIV by LEO, FEIST, Inc,,Feist Bu'lding, New York Tane Thus International Copyright Seoured and Rese® ved Loudon-England, Francis, Day & Hunter, 138-140 Charing Cross Road 5533-3 Toronto-Canada, Leo. Feist Limited, 193 Yonge Street GCEA ‘ff B And in dreams youre al- ways near to me. For it brings the night and dreams of you. dreams fi dreams,__ took you —Saa zl out of my arms,— Still I feel the thrill of your charms; 2 #|* TER PARTIES, BANQUETS COMMUNITY SINGING.ASK YOUR OEALER. StPERCOPY $399 PER 100. Lips that once were fy x