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us) United States 2) Patent Application Publication co) Pub. No.: US 2017/0087497 Al oy ow 2 en @y (2) Ransbarger et al. Applicant: Chevron U.S.A. Ine., San Ramon, CA ws) Inventors: Weldon Lee Ransbarger, Cypress, TX (US); Lee David Rhyne, Cypress, IX (us) Appl, No.: 14869,319 Filed: Sep. 29, 2015, Publication Classitiatio Inc, BOLD 4600 (2006.01) C101 310 (2005.01), GOOF 1750 (2006.01) Us. cL. CPC Bord 46yno41 (2013.01): BOID 460031 (2013.01); G6E 1780 201301); CHOL 3106 (2013.01); C7OL 2290108 2013.01) US 201700874971 (43) Pub. Date: Mar. 30, 2017 6 ABSTRACT Disclosed are an inlet distributor device and its use in a separation vessel for separating Tighid and gas, The separa fiom vessel alsa inclides a mist elimination device tor removing vapor droplets, The inlet distributor device fncludes a distributor body of a rigid material having’ a partially enclosed three-dimensional shupe, « distributor Jnlet adapted to be fited 0 the vessel inlet such that the istibutoe body is positioned internally within the vessel, fand a mesh material within the volume of the distributor body. Also disclosed is « method for designing the inlet distbutor device. A mesh fle representing the separation vessel, the mist elimination device and the inlet distributor device is penerated using estimated design parameters ofthe separation vessel and estimated coordinates dining the istibutor body. A computational Muid dynamies software package is utilized to simulate Mud behavior of fuid flowing fn-and through the separation vessel and solve for fuk ‘behavior hased on known and estimated variables, operating conditions and mesh material parameters. The estimated design parameters und geometry of the inlet mesh dist tor, estimated variables, operating conditions andor mesh ‘mateeal parameters are modified as needed unt Ube desired nid behavior is obtained such that the mist elimination ‘device in the separation vessel isnot overloaded with ighid ‘droplets and velocities in the mist elimination devices are within a design velocity range, Patent Application Publication Mar. 30, 2017 Sheet 1 of 3. US 2017/0087497 AI FIG. 1 (Prior Ar) US 2017/0087497 AI Mar. 30, 2017 Sheet 2 of 3 Patent Application Publication FIG. 2 19