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ISA 0 cu») United States 2) Patent Application Publication co) Pub. No.: US 2007/0137154 Al Agnello et al. (43) Pub, Date: Jun. 21, 2007 (34) VANE-TYPE DEMISTER (2) Filed Dee. 16, 2008 (75) Inventors: Joseph Agnello, Grand Island, NY Publication Classieation (US), Thomas €. Heldwein, Pendleton, NY (US): Zhanping Xu, Amherst, NY (S1)_ Int. Ch. J; Aaron J. Muck, Clarence, NY BOD 4570 (2006.01) (2) US.¢ ssvaa0 6 ABSTRACT The invention provides « vane-type mist eliminator device PATENT SERVIC having formed of cormigated sheet, fa shee, and integral 101 COLUMBIA DRIVE Touvers. The cormigated shoets and flat shoots are layered P.O BOX 2245 MAIL STOP AB?2B stich that the arrangement of sheets and integral louvers MORRISTOWN, NJ 07962 (US) creates at least one toro fii low channel from an inlet toa vapor outlet of the device An outer easing or frame is (21) Appl. Nos 11/805,068 sulicent to hold the sheets together. fot f Patent Application Publication Jun. 21,2007 Sheet 1 of 9 US 2007/0137154 AI 100 x 108 104b 104a eA 18> | Fig. 1A Patent Application Publication Jun. 21,2007 Sheet 2 of 9 117 100 113. cy) = xo) OS ROSSI. RSET BRR BREE ERD POORER BERRIEN KE PERRIS RRR Pee ROR RRR BR KIKI ROC RIaSoeeeenn oso ERR <