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Stats are the five fundamental character statistics that make (or break) a character.

Online II's stat system is based on that of Ragnarok Online's stat system.


Raising Stats
Unlike RO, RO2's stat system utilizes two kinds of stat systems: fixed stats and bonus stats.
Fixed stats are stats that are set by the game and cannot be modified directly. Bonus stats are
stats that can be adjusted similarly to that of RO and work in conjuction with gear and cards to
customize the performance of one's character.

The maximum amount of points players can put into any one stat is currently 50.


Strength: This stat directly increases your physical damage, allowing you to deal damage even if
you don't equip any weapons if you invest a sufficient amount of STR.

 Each point increases ATK by 2.

 Each point increases Parry by 2.


Agility: Increases your attack speed and chance of dodging. (On seaRO2, this stat is known as
Dexterity (DEX) for some reason.)

 Each point increases CRIT by 3.

 Each point increases Dodge by 2.
 Each point increases Accuracy by 2.


Vitality: This stat determines how much damage you can take in battle. Increases HP recovery %
of potions.

 Each point raises Max HP by 15.

 Every 10 points: increases potion potency by 1%.
 Each point increases HP regen by 0.2
 Each point increases DEF.


Intelligence: Primary stat for spellcasters, this is used to increase their MATK and MDEF.

 Each point increases MATK by 2.


Wisdom: Increases SP and SP recovery

 Each point raises Max SP by 21.

 Each point increases SP regeneration by 0.1.
 Each point increases elemental resistance.

All Rates are determined by this formula:

Rate % = (Stat Value / (400 * (1.05^(character level - 1)))) * 100

Because of this, Rates decrease as you level.

 AGI builds who are unaware of this will be saddened or panic as they notice their 20%
Crit Rate gradually drop.


Defense: Reduces all damage taken by Defense Rate.


Hit Rate: Accuracy; increases as you level such that your base Hit Rate will be 95% against
monsters at your level.


Critical Hit Rate: Critical hits and heals do twice as much; increased by AGI.

Increases normal Attack speed; increased by blue/purple equipment.


Decreases skill cooldown time; increased by blue/purple equipment.


Evades damage entirely; increased by AGI and some blue/purple equipment.


Halves damage taken; increased by STR/INT and some blue/purple equipment.

Job Class Bonuses

Each 2nd Job Class in RO2 now has a stat bonus to help boost their individual abilities:

 Warrior - Each STR point gives +3 ATK

 Knight - Each STR point gives +3 Parry
 Priest - Each INT point gives +3 ATK
 Monk - Each AGI point gives +3 Dodge
 Assassin - Each AGI point gives +3 HIT
 Rogue - Each AGI point gives +3 Dodge
 Wizard - Each INT point gives +3 ATK
 Sorcerer - Each AGI point gives +4 CRIT
 Ranger - Each AGI point gives +3 HIT
 Beastmaster - Each VIT point gives +2 DEF
 Crescentia - Each INT point gives +5 ATK
 Soul Maker - Each AGI point gives +4 CRIT