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_ + STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA ) ) IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS COUNTY OF Hony ) ) Luzenski Allen Cottrell, SCDC# 6020, ) CIVIL ACTION COVERSHEET Plaintifi(s) ) ) 2 | 1 - 544° % } 0, 28; ) State of South Carolina, ) Defendant(s) ) Submitted By: Charles Grose/Brie Russell 66063/100985, Address: 404 Main Street, Greenwood, SC 29646 864-538-4466/803-227-5314 900 Elmwood Ave, Suite 200, Columbia, SC 29201 (864-538-4405 russell @russelllaw,ts [NOTE: The eoverbect and information contained hercin neither replaces no supplements he filing end service of pleedings or other papers as required try aw. This form i required forthe use ofthe Clerk of Cour forthe purpose of docketing cases that are NOT E-Fed. Wnt be filed out completely, signed, and dated. A copy ofthis covecsheet rust be served onthe defendant(s) alona withthe Summons and Complaint Ths form fs NOT required fo be filed in E-Fied Cases. DOCKETING INFORMATION (Ciiech at hat apply) *Yf Action is JudgmendSetiement do not complete JURY TRIAL demanded in complaint. [ NON-JURY TRIAL demanded in complaiiit case is subject to ARBITRATION pursuant to the Court Annexed Alternative Dispute Resolition Rul& case is subject to MEDIATION pursuant to the Court Annexed Altemative Dispute Resohifii case is exempt from ADR. (Proof of ADR/Exemption Attached) ft NATURE OF ACTION (Check One Box Below) gS 3. a a Q aq 5 Contacts “Tors -Protessona Malpractice “Torts Personal Injury i 1 Conswucions (100) C1 Denial Metpaesce(200) CO Conversion 310) ora Betverss00} C1 pecolleson (ito) Eel Malpractice 210) CE] Motr Vehicle Aceden: (220) )Coademoation ) Genet (i30) C1 Medical sepractice 220) E)RremisesLinhiliy (530) 1 Fowciosue 420) 1 BreachofConmat(140) PreviowsNowzeoftentCeso# C1 roduets Lint (340) 1 Mechani’s Lien 450) (D Frviliadrait(is) — 20_-NK__ esol ngry 050) Deaton 440) C1 Fattwets Delve! CD Notcerfite Med Mai@30) — C] Wrongful Deas (360) possesion (450) Waren (160) OD oteraos) CO Asulvsancey 370) TD suildng Code Viton 460) 11 Employment Disco (170) Sandee (380) D otter (assy, TD Employment (180) D1 oner (989) Doar t95) Inte Peony Adonnistrative Law eet SadgmentsSerieniets ‘ppeas BD rexsoo) Reine Drv. License (800) ]_ Death Seatememt 700) 1 arbiaton 600) 1 Ntandamns (520) atid Review 810) Foreign Jdgment (710) (Magia Civil (910) 1D HebessComas(s30) CE] Reine (220) TD Magiseate'sJudgrent(720) Mapes (920) Donner 4599), Permanent Injunction 830) E]_Mino Setement(730) 1 Mamiipa 930) Fortee-Petsion $40) transit rudgment(740) EX) Prabate Cour (240) 1 Forieture—Consent Order (850) CI Lis Pendens 750) © scpor soy cerca) DD Transferof Smoctured BD Worker's Comp (960) Setlemem Paymeat Rights] Zoning Board (970) Aspliation (160) bie Service Com. 990) ‘SpeialComples JOtber Contesion afJudement(770) EL. Employment Sear Comm (91) 1D Environments (600) Pharmoceutial (630) 1 Petition fr Workers DB Antomotite arb. (610) TE) UnfaieTeae Practices (640) Compensation Seulement D1 oee(959) Approval (70) Mies 620) TD Oar ssteDepsions (650) C] tnapactated Adel Setdoment D oner(659) ( Movionso QuashSubpoensin sn Osta Covnty Acton (6) C1 Sexattredator(510) —]_ reSuit covery (670) g o 0 omer), ‘Pemanent Resting Order (680) Z Z Z, merpeader (650) Submitting Party Signatur Date: October 12,2018 SCCA / 234 (02/2018) Page 1 of 2 Note: Frivolous civil proceedings may be subject to sanctions pursuant to SCRCP, Rule 11, and the South Carolina Frivolous Civit Proceedings Sanctions Act, 8.C. Code Ann, §15-36-10 et. seq. Effective January 1, 2016, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is mandatory in all counties, pursuant to Supreme Court Order dated November 12, 2015, SUPREME COURT RULES REQUIRE THE SUBMISSION OF ALL CIVIL CASES TO AN ALTERNATIVE, DISPUTE RESOLUTION PROCESS, UNLESS OTHERWISE EXEMPT. Pursuant to the ADR Rules, you are required to take the following action(s): 5 ‘The parties shall select a neutral and file a “Proof of ADR” form on or by the 210* day of the filing of this action. If the parties have not selected a neutral within 210 days, the Clerk of Court shall then appoint a primary and secondary mediator from the current roster on a rotating basis from among those mediators agreeing to accept cases in the county in which the action has been filed. The initial ADR conference must be held within 300 days after the filing of the action, Pre-suit medical malpractice mediations required by 8.C. Code §15-79-125 shall be held not later than 120 days after all defendants are served with the “Notice of Intent to File Suit” or as the court directs. Cases are exempt from ADR only upon the following grounds: Requests for temporary relief; ©. Appeals 4. Post Conviction relief matters; €. Contempt of Court proceedings; f. Forfeiture proceedings brought by governmental entities; g. Mortgage foreclosures; and hh. Cases that have been previously subjected to an ADR conference, unless otherwise required by Rule 3 or by statute. In cases not subject to ADR, the Chief Judge for Administrative Purposes, upon the motion of the court or of any party, may order a case to mediation. ‘Motion of a party to be exempt from payment of neutral fees due to indigency should be filed with the Court within ten (10) days after the ADR conference has been concluded. Please Note: You must comply with the Supreme Court Rules regarding ADR. Failure to do so may affect your ease or may result in sanctions. SCCA / 234 (02/2018) Page 2 of 2 ‘THE STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA —)-_IN ‘THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS ) FOR THE FIFTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT COUNTY OF HORRY ) ) Case No. 2018-CP-26- if Fj Luzenski Allen Cottrell, SCDC# 6020, ) Applicant, ) } Application for Post-Conviction Relief vs. ) ) > State of South Carolina, > Respondent, } ) Luzenski Allen Cottrell submits this application for post-conviction relief." 1) Mr. Cottrell is confined at the Kirkland R&E Center. 2) The Honorable Larry B. Hyman, Presiding Judge by Special Assignment of the South Carolina Supreme Court for the Court of General Sessions for Horry County imposed the sentence. 3) There were not any co-defendants, 4) ‘The sentence was imposed on indictment number 2003-GS-26-00020 for murder. 5) Judge Hyman sentenced Mr. Cottrell to death on September 27, 2014, ‘ ©) _Judge Hyman imposed the sentence following a plea of not guilty and tral by jury. D ‘The South Carolina Supreme Court affirmed Mr. Cottrell’s conviction and sentence on December 20, 2017. State v. Cottrell, 421 S.C, 622, 809 8.B.2d 423 (2017). The Supreme Court of the United States denied Mr. Cottrell’s petition for writ of certiorari on October 1, 2018. Cottrell v. South Carolina, No. 17-9449, 2018 WL 3035952, at *1 (U.S.S.C. Oct. 1, 2018). 1 This pleading is based on Form 5, Revised 3/2003, which can be found on the South Carolina Judicial Department website. Mr. Cottrell reserves the right to amend his application for post-conviction relief.