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Problem Analysis:

Are you able to quickly identify and correctly analyze problems?

Do you use information in a structured way, recommending solutions that are
logical, ethical and realistic?

Judgment and decision making:

Are you able to make sound and balanced choices?
Can you evaluate the risks of a range of options, making decisions even in the face
of ambiguity or incomplete information?

Are you able to generate new ideas and creative approaches?
Can you identify situations where there is a need for change, and are you able to
challenge existing practices and approaches?
Do you have an appetite for continuous learning and acquisition of new skills?

Communication and impact:

Can you convey information clearly, articulately and succinctly?
Are you able to influence others and make an impact through effective interpersonal
and communications skills?
Can you challenge convention in a tactful way, without being combative or

Drive and commitment:

Do you have the determination, drive and enthusiasm to deliver results?
Can you demonstrate initiative to take action while always striving for excellence?
Are you able to overcome barriers, respond positively to failure and learn from

Teamwork and collaboration:

Are you able to work collaboratively and support team members while also pursuing
personal objectives?
Are you able to encourage others to participate, listen to different viewpoints and
work toward consensus?

Planning and organizing:

Are you able to organize your own work, manage your time effectively and stay
focused on priorities?
Can you develop and monitor clear action plans with realistic deadlines, taking
available resources into account?
Are you flexible, able to amend plans due to changes or unforeseen situations?