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1. what did I learn?

The first unit of my science class was about different cells and oranges in one
living thing.During this unit I learned many new biology knowledges. For
example I knew the smallest living organisms that in our body was cells. There
were different oranges that kept the cell to be alive. The most fun things that I
learned during this unit was observing the onion skin cell, I thought like that
because I got able to observed the onion cell.

2. What am I able to do with the skills and the content that I learned?
Based on studied of the unit, I thought I am able to used the microscope
correctly. I am also able to used my knowledge of this unit to explained the
question “ what was cancer “?
3. What can be improved so I can learn better
If I could remembered all of the vocabularies of this unit. (cell organelles and its
function) then I would not spelled some of the cell organelles wrong. Which can
leaded me to a better grade.
4. What do I need help with
I need to memorized all of the scientific vocabularies, but I didn’t know how to
remembered all of these scientific vocabularies.
5. Who can help me and how.
My english teacher could gave me some suggestions of remembered a