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Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research

A Volunteer Newsletter

October 2018

Celebrating 42 years of excellence in
wildlife rehabilitation and research

Photo: snyders/moonbeampublishing Compiled by Tri-State staff and volunteers


We proudly announce that Marian Quinn has been selected as one of this
year’s recipients of the Governor’s Outstanding Volunteer Award. Since
1996, Marian has filled nearly every role a volunteer can at Tri-State.
Starting out doing bird care, Marian quickly proved herself to be adept at
caring for even the most fragile species. She is also a member of the Oiled
Wildlife CORE team of volunteers; this is the group of volunteers that are
highly trained in oiled wildlife care and are the first ones we contact in the
event of a spill. Marian also retrieves injured birds in northern Delaware
and nearby Pennsylvania and transports them to Tri-State for care. Marian
helps train new volunteers and shares her knowledge and enthusiasm
with them. Marian knows all the ins and outs of every species, and she
patiently teaches others all these details. Education is a particular passion of Marian’s, and over the years, she
has educated thousands of students and adults about how to reduce humans’ impact to wildlife and the vital
links between native plants, insects, and birds. She delights in seeing when people (particularly young people)
really “get it” and begin to understand the effect (good and bad) that their decisions can have on wildlife and
the environment. For the past four years at our Open House, Marian has specialized in demonstrating things
we all can do to help wildlife to hundreds of guests every year.
This just scratches the surface of what Marian does for Tri-State and our native wildlife. We are deeply
grateful for all the time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears she has given to us and the birds. Thank you, Marian,
and congratulations! If you would like to attend the awards banquet in Dover on Wednesday, October 24th,
scroll to the end of this document to register and order tickets.

Please welcome Melody to the Tri-State flock! Melody joined us on
September 12th as the new Volunteer Services Manager. She comes
to us from the Brandywine Zoo where she was the Assistant Curator of
Education for the last 11 years. She has also worked for the
Philadelphia Zoo, the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel
University, and the Bergen County Zoo.
Melody has a long history and passion for wildlife and the natural
world. She graduated from Delaware Valley University with a B.S. in
Animal Biotechnology and Conservation.
Melody “greatly understands the importance of effectively and
enthusiastically managing a variety of volunteer programs that support
the mission of an organization.” She is eager to share her enthusiasm
and passion with the Volunteers and team at Tri-State!
Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research 2

In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, including her son, exploring nature and the
outdoors. She is very excited to be part of the Tri-State team!

Several members of Tri-State’s craft committee attended
the 111th iteration of the Arden Fair (Delaware’s longest-
running annual festival) on September 1st in Wilmington,
DE. Not only did they spend the day meeting and
greeting the public, they ‘hawked’ wares handcrafted by
members of the committee.
The weather cooperated, and these entrepreneurs sold
over $400 of their one-of-a-kind crafts including custom
kitchen towels, photography, ornaments, jewelry, soap,
wallets, and more! One hundred-twenty juried vendors
participated with an estimated 7,000 to 9,000 people in
From left to right: Kathy, Gail, and Linda, members of Tri-State’s
craft committee, attend Arden Fair. Staff Photo


Educating the public is a part of Tri-State’s mission. These dedicated folks reach thousands of people
Our amazing outreach volunteers venture far and and teach them about wild bird injury prevention,
wide to attend community events all year long. So oiled wildlife, and our role in living harmoniously
far this year, outreach volunteers have made over 35 with other living creatures that share our
appearances at festivals, fairs, in schools, clubs and environment. Craft Committee members also
other regional events and the year isn’t over yet; make and sell wonderful items to raise funds for
there are more events to come. the birds. You can find some of their creations for
sale in our lobby.

Jean educates young minds at the Gail, Marie, Jean, and Marian attend Newark Community
DE Action for Animals VegFest. Day. Photo courtesy of Amy Roe
Staff Photo
Monthly Flyer, October 2018 3

For the past several years we have been invited
to lead group activities at Deep Roots, a non-
profit organization whose mission is to end
homelessness one child at a time. This year,
Marian, a long-term volunteer, engaged children
and adults at the transitional shelter in learning
about wild bird injury prevention, and how to be a
good environmental steward. The next week,
another long-term volunteer, Dennis, led a
contaminated bird demonstration for the
residents who thoroughly enjoyed the activity.
They learned about oiled wildlife and professional
Tri-State volunteers have presented at the shelter
for many years. In previous years, volunteers Dennis assists a resident with his PPE (Personal protection
Rosann, Cindy, and Marian gave their time to the equipment) Photo courtesy of Deep Roots
residents. Deep Roots’ educational class
coordinator, Jessica, complimented our volunteers for their contribution. In her words, “Because of Marian's
presentation, I have turned into a ’birder’ and love watching and identifying birds in our area. (I'm horrible
with hawk identification though!) Marian, Rosann, and Cindy were just wonderful and we really appreciate the
time and effort they put into teaching our group!” Our volunteers truly make a difference, one person at a
time—thank you!

Young residents at
Deep Roots
transitional homeless
shelter receive a
hands-on education
about contaminated
wildlife from volunteer
and CORE team
member, Dennis.
Photos courtesy of
Deep Roots
Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research 4

The list of tasks to be done at Tri-State is in the hundreds, if not the thousands. We are grateful to those who
step forward and take on duties that aren’t the most glamorous, clean, or easy. From prepping platters that
include mice, rats, fish, and other delicacies that our patients feast on, to cleaning habitats, washing patient
laundry, scrubbing floors, taking out the oh-so-aromatic trash, climbing trees, renesting patients, and
everything in between, Tri-State’s volunteers are stellar at keeping the facilities running well and at full speed.
The number of hands that it takes to care for 3,000 birds a year is monumental, yet you rise to the occasion
every time for every task—not only with your hands, but with your hearts as well! Thank you!

Don and Bebe keep the mouse room clean and tidy—while Patrick makes certain our feathered friends have a clean water
wearing a smile! Staff Photo source. Staff Photo

Here’s a sneak peek at a coming attraction designed by a very creative volunteer, Gail, featuring backyard
birds! We will soon be offering our 2019 calendar, which is filled with fabulous photos generously contributed
by local photographers. It also contains helpful facts and tips on how to co-exist in healthy ways with our
feathered friends. This fundraiser has become a favorite to many, so stay tuned for more details on how to
order! All proceeds go toward wild bird care at Tri-State. Cover photo by Heather Killoran Rees.
Monthly Flyer, October 2018 5

A Leach’s Storm-Petrel patient back to the sea! Although their population is estimated at more than 8 million
breeding pairs, this inconspicuous species lives mostly at sea and nests in crevices and burrows on islands in the
northern Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Non-breeders, many of which are immatures, remain at sea year-round, far
from shore. These seabirds are small in size, with an approximate length of 7 inches and a wingspan of 17 inches.
Much of their lives still remains a mystery. We were somewhat surprised when we received one that was found in a
parking lot—a highly unusual place for a storm petrel to be— and was transported to our clinic via several Tri-State
volunteers. After a thorough check-up, the diminutive adult petrel was deemed to be in good health. Once stabilized,
we administered fluids, tested its waterproofing, and began putting a plan together for its release. Many hands and a
boat were involved in returning the Leach’s Storm-Petrel back to the wild where it belongs—the Atlantic Ocean. We
are incredibly grateful to our volunteer release team, Delaware River and Bay Cooperative (DBRC), and Tom
Bennett. Thank you! Release photos courtesy of Susan Bennett.

A Leach’s Storm Petrel in care Staff Photos

Want to know more about this spectacular species? Click here

Leach’s Storm Petrel released back to its home in the
Atlantic Ocean. Release photos courtesy of Susan Bennett
Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research 6

On August 28th, we received a Black Vulture patient from
another rehabilitation center where it received initial
treatment for a gunshot wound and general debilitation.
Transferred to Tri-State for exercise and continued care,
clinic staff thoroughly assessed the raptors’ condition,
administered analgesics, and housed the patient in a flight
cage. Initially, the vulture made no attempt at flight and
was easy to catch. After a couple of days of care, the
patient began perching on a low perch. A few days later,
the Black Vulture was observed on a high perch and
eating well. The decision was made to move the bird to a
larger flight cage to continue strengthening its flight
capabilities. Three weeks of professional care at Tri-State
by volunteers and staff helped to achieve a positive
outcome for the patient. The vulture was transported by a
Tri-State volunteer to be released back to the wild. This
success story, and all our success stories, are only made
possible by those who care to volunteer. Thank you! BLVU patient 18-2748 in care Staff Photo

Staff examine the condition of one of the
Black Vulture’s wings. Staff Photo

Above: The Black Vulture patient perches alongside its cage mate, a Red-
tailed Hawk. Left: BLVU displaying a characteristic pose. Staff Photos

A Pileated Woodpecker, a Red-eyed Vireo, a White-eyed Vireo, a
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron, a Great Egret, two Clapper Rails,
an Eastern Screech-Owl, and two Laughing Gulls topped the list
of notable species released. Additionally, five Mourning Doves,
four American Goldfinches, a couple of American Robins and
House Finches, along with a Northern Mockingbird, Northern
Cardinal, Carolina Wren, Eastern Bluebird, and a Brown-headed
Cowbird all received a second chance along with others. Many, many hands spent numerous hours providing
each of these patients with expert and dedicated care. Without the commitment of so many volunteers, these
release stories would not have been possible. Thank you for your many hours of hard work and your
dedication to giving these patients a second chance.
Monthly Flyer, October 2018 7

Carly has always had a passion for protecting and caring for wildlife (even the
ants in her front yard), but she first fell in love with birds as a student at a
University of Delaware study trip abroad to Vietnam and Cambodia focusing
on wildlife conservation.
After graduating with a B.S. in Animal and Food Sciences, Carly looked around
for a job she knew she’d love. That is where she first became involved with
Tri-State as a clinic intern in 2014. After her internship was over she couldn’t
stay away and came back to volunteer during her days off.
She connected with Phung Luu through Tri-State and worked with him for 2
years before taking the job in the Oil Spill Program.
Carly loves talking about birds (especially vultures) and bird watching, so please don’t hesitate—she is eager to
expand her experience and knowledge within Tri-State’s team and volunteers!

Jordan is a native Delawarean, currently living in Middletown. As the former
Raptor Research Assistant for the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife, Jordan
has experience working with a multitude of animal species. She also possesses
five years of veterinary technical experience, which she gathered both here in
Delaware as well as in Charleston, South Carolina.
Jordan graduated from the University of Delaware with a B.S. in Animal and
Food Sciences and hopes to continue to expand her conservation,
rehabilitation, and research knowledge. Jordan is excited to join the Tri-State
team and looks forward to contributing to Tri-State’s already outstanding
Outside of work, you may find her listening to live music, hiking with her dog, Ares, or volunteering for various
programs (previously Tri-State!).

20 years: Becky Hargrove 18 years: Marion Stelzer 16 years: Russ and Loretta Carlson, Jonathan
Greenblatt, and Arlene Rockwell 15 years: Chris Petersen 10 years: Bob Bryant, Gary and Sherrie
Robinson, and Warren Young 9 years: Ro Francis and Joanne Stickle 6 years: Joe McCann 4 years: Ray
Bryant and Rand McIlvaine 1 year: Linda Busacca, Bebe Carnwath, Christine Egli, Kerry Lawson, and Martin

American Oystercatchers Snyders –
Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research 8

Please join us at our annual Giant Yard Sale to be held Saturday,
October 6th, from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Aetna Hose Hook
& Ladder fire hall in Newark, Delaware. A bounty of bargains await
shoppers and all preceeds benefit the birds!
This can’t be reiterated enough—A big event like the yard is only
possible with the support of many people. Thank you to all our
amazing volunteers who collect, price, and sort items. Thank you to
those who help us set up for the event, work at the event, and
break down the event, as well as the bakers who populate the bake
sale with delicious treats.
Thank you to all who donated items for the event. Our trailer is full
and we are good to go!
If you would like to help with this event, either before for set-
up, the day of the sale, or after to break-down and clean up, your
assistance will be welcome with open arms. Please contact Chris
Chapdelaine at or sign up on the
sheet in the volunteer break room. Additionally, you can help
spread the word by posting yard sale flyers at various locations.
The list of locations and flyers are located on the bulletin board in
the volunteer break room, or download and print the flyer.

Fly Me to the Loon! Celebrating the 2018 Benefit
for the Birds, Friday, November 9, 6:00 p.m. to
10:00 p.m.
Our biggest fundraiser of the year is returning to the Chase
Center on the Riverfront in Wilmington. This year’s theme
is “A Night in Vintage Vegas,” and the house will be flush
with entertainment, complete with the sounds of Sinatra
and casino games like Blackjack and Roulette. All
proceeds help our patients and programs and allow us to
continue our mission, as we have for the past 42 years.

Tickets are now on sale!
Don’t miss out on this fabulous fiesta to benefit the birds. It’s sure to turn up Aces.
Monthly Flyer, October 2018 9

This is yet another event that is made possible by a league of volunteers. Please contact Chris Chapdelaine with
any questions about volunteer opportunities at or at (302) 737-9543, ext. 109.

If anyone would like to attend the Governor’s Outstanding Volunteer Award banquet on Wednesday,
October 24, in Dover, here is the link to purchase tickets.

Please RSVP by October 12, 2018.

To make sure we are all seated together, please be sure to fill out the correct information in the “Other
Information” section of the order form:

Hope to see many of you in Dover! It’s always a fun evening. Can’t wait to celebrate!

You might be a birder if...
… you can say exactly where you saw dozens of life birds but don't recall exactly where you first met your
Courtesy Bruce Bowman