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Task -
In this unit, students will write two short biographies of change. Students will be immersed in stories about
young people and changes they made—some big, and some small—and can be encouraged to think about
small changes they made that had a big impact on their lives. We are now highlighting the literary genre of
biography. For the first biography, they will work with a biography partner within the same class, interview
each other and write about a change that each other has made that had an impact on their lives.
Brainstorm and write down ideas of who you believe you are. Use these
higher order thinking questions to help guide your responses:
 How would you describe your personality?
 What character values do you possess and show?
 What event in your life was significant or memorable?
 Which people in your life make it possible for your story to exist?
 What issues are so important to you that you would fight to either make
them happen or to avoid them?
 If you could have superpowers, which ones would they be and how
would you use them?
 How have you changed since elementary school?
Use narrative techniques (dialogue, description & reflection)
Content & to describe events, actions, physical and personality
Analysis W3 characteristics during a significant moment of change for
biography partner.
Command Develop the narrative with relevant and vivid sensory
descriptions that create imagery about the significant
of Evidence R1 moment of change.

The narrative plot structure has exposition to describe

background information on the subject, builds rising action
Organization W3C with a conflict for the subject and in the resolution reflects on
why the change was made and why it was important.
Accurately include multiple forms of vocabulary words and
Style L4 highlights them to show intentional sophisticated word choice.
Consistently use the appropriate pronouns to maintain third
Conventions L1 person point-of-view. Use accurate punctuation in creating
Total Points Possible = 20
“Biography of Change”
Task Vocabulary Bank
1. aspect
2. affect 17. illustrate 32. persistence
3. applied 18. impact 33. principle
4. attainable 19. influence 34. professional
5. autobiography 20. interpretation 35. racism
6. backlash 21. intolerance 36. refugee
7. biography 22. manifest 37. relevant
8. characteristic 23. measurable 38. reveal
9. chrysalis 24. memoir 39. setting
10. civilian 25. metamorphosis 40. siblings
11. committee 26. morality 41. suffered
12. discarded 27. narrative 42. transformation
13. drab 28. occupation 43. transition
14. effect 29. origin 44. villain
15. elaboration 30. orphan 45. violence
16. identity 31. permission 46. volunteer