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Plymouth Housing

Social Media Internship

Summer internship
3-4 month (for school year)

About us

Plymouth Housing Group is a non-profit organization that’s aim is to provide safe and
permanent homes for those who have none. We are a home-first, problems second kind of
organization. We believe that lack of a stable home exacerbates chronic medical and mental
health conditions, making it very difficult to improve one’s life.

Plymouth Housing group is looking for an intern to assist with their growing social media market.
The ideal candidate will possess strong knowledge of the digital media landscape. The
successful candidate will be responsible for posting on social networks, engaging in online
forums, and participating in online outreach and promotion. Those looking to gain valuable
online media experience with an established organization are encouraged to apply.

(my suggestion is to work with the student to try and offer then course credit)

The Role

You will be responsible for working with the social media team to create social media
campaigns that educate and inform our target audience. You will also be responsible for being
Plymouth Housing’s voice on social media. This would be a part-time commitment of between
10-15 hours a week. We will work with your schedule.

-Develop content calendar on a weekly and monthly basis
-Work with on-site social media manager to create and implement social media campaigns
-Consumer research
-Event marketing

-Knowledge and experience working with social media sites
-excellent oral and written communications skills
-0-2 years experience working in marketing/social media
-Enthusiasm and self-motivation
-Currently enrolled in college to get a degree in Marketing, Communications, or other related
Internship Calendar
This is a rough template for a 3 month internship. This also really depends on what event or
campaign your working on at the time, so it will definitely change to fit your needs. An internship
calendar would be helpful for organization and showing the interns what you need from them.

Month 1

Week 1 and 2
-Introduction to Plymouth and team
-Over view of what is needed from intern
-Introduction to whatever event or campaign they will be working on
-Run down of how social media and marketing works at Plymouth

Week 3 and 4
-Content creation
-Starting development of content calendar (for however long you need, weeks or months)
-this can be done in a good excel file or whatever program you use (Like Hootesuite)

Month 2

Week 1 and 2
-continued content creation
-continued content calendar
-Depending on whatever you are having this intern work on, month 2 would probably be the best
time to start to bring them into the event or campaign so they can get a grip on that

Week 3 and 4:
-Consumer research (for target audience)
-IF EVENT RELATED: create specific social media content for day of event marketing
-IF CAMPAIGN RELATED: create specific social media content for duration of the event

Month 3

Week 1 and 2
-Brainstorm ideas for future campaigns
-Collect data from campaign or event for future marketing
-continue with the content calendar

Week 3 and 4:
-anything else you need from the intern