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School Grade Nine (9

Teacher Subject MATHEMATICS
Teaching Quarter SECOND QUARTER
Dates and DAY_2
I. Objectives
a. Content The learner demonstrates understanding of key concepts of variation
Standards and radicals.

b. Performance The learner is able to formulate and solve accurately problems
Standards involving variation and radicals.

c. Learning Translates into variation statement a relationship between two
Competencies/ quantities given by: (a) a table of values; (b) a mathematical
Objectives equation; (c) a graph, and vice versa.
(Write the LC (M9AL-IIa-b-1)
Code for each) a. Translate into variation statement a relationship involving direct
variation between two quantities given by a table of values and
vice versa
b. Find the unknown in a direct variation equation
II.CONTENT Direct Variation
III.LEARNING List of materials to be used in different days. Varied sources
RESOURCES of materials sustain children's interest in the lesson and in
learning. Ensure that there is a mix of concrete and
manipulative materials as well as paper-based materials.
Hands -on learning promotes concept development.
A. References
1.Teacher’s Guide pp.135-137
2.Learner’s pp.197-202
Materials pages
3.Textbook pages Mathematics III (Concepts, Structures and Methods for High School),
pages 354-356 Oronce, Orlando A., (1996)
4. Additional
Resources from
Resources (LR)
B. Other Learning Activity sheets
IV.PROCEDURES These steps should be done across the week. Spread out the
activities appropriately so that pupils will learn well. Always
be guided by demonstration of learning by the pupils which
you can infer from formative assessment activities. Sustain
learning systematically by providing pupils with multiple
ways to learn new things, practice their learning question
their learning process, and draw conclusion about what they
learned in relation to their life experiences and previous
knowledge. Indicate the time allotment for each step.
A. Review previous Preliminary Activity!
lesson or Determine if the table below expresses a direct variation between two
presenting the quantities or not.
new lesson.
(Drill/ Review) 1.



B. Establishing the Based on the activity that you have done how will you justify that an
purpose to the item expresses direct variation or not?

C. Presenting Show to the class an example for the learners to understand the
examples/ lesson.
instances of the
new lesson The table below shows that the distance travelled by the motorist
(Presentation) varies directly as the time spent. Find the constant of variation and
the equation which describe the relation.

Since the distance d varies directly as the time t, then
d = kt.

Using one of the pairs of values, (2, 20), from the table, substitute
the values of d and t in d = kt and solve for k. So,
d = kt
20 = 2k


k = 10
Therefore, the constant of variation is 10. We can see that the
constant of variation can be solved if one pair of values x and y is
known. From the resulting equation, other pairs having the same
relationship can be obtained.
D. Discussing new Direction: Analyze the problem then answer the following questions.
concepts and Kaong Junk shops pay Php12.00 for every kilo of tin cans
practicing new bought from collectors. The table shows c as the cost in peso and h as
skills # 1
the number of kilos of tin cans:

1. Write a mathematical statement that relates the two quantities n
and c, formulate the equation.
2. What is the constant of variation?

E. Discussing new Based on the situation given, observe the values of c and n in the
concepts and table. What happens to the cost when the number of kilos of tin cans
practicing new was doubled? Tripled? Is there a pattern in translating into variation
skills # 2 statement the relations of two quantities given by the table of values?
F. Developing Direction: In each of the following table of values, find the constant of
Mastery variation (k) and an equation that defines the relation.
(Leads to
Formative 1.
Assessment 3)
(Fixing of Skill)


F. Finding practical Direction: Form 5 groups and perform the problem given.
applications of
The circumference of a circle inside the basketball court of
concepts and
Mambusao National High School varies directly as its diameter. If the
skills in daily
circumference of a circle having a diameter of 7 cm is 7 cm, what is
the circumference of it whose diameter is 10 cm? 15 cm? 18 cm? 20
1. Write a mathematical statement that relates the two quantities
involved in the problem.
2. What is the constant of variation? Formulate the mathematical
3. Solve for the constant of variation given the following relation to
complete the data needed.
4. Construct a table of values from the relation.
G. Making 1. There is a direct variation whenever a situation produces pairs of
generalizations numbers in which their ratio is constant.
and abstractions 2. The statements:
about the lesson “y varies directly as x”, “y is directly proportional to x”, and
(Generalization) “y is proportional to x”
May be translated mathematically as y = kx, where k is the
constant of variation
For two quantities, x and y, an increase in x causes an increase in y as
well. Similarly, a decrease in x causes a decrease in y.
I. Evaluating Direction: Determine if the tables of values express a direct variation
learning between two variables. If they do, find the constant of variation and
(Evaluation) an equation that defines the relation.





J. Additional Assignment:
activities for 1. Follow-up
application or Find the constant of variation and write the equation representing
remediation the relationship between the quantities of the table of values given.

V.REMARKS ___ Reteach
___ Proceed

A. Number of pupils
who earned 80%
in the evaluation
B. Number of
learners who
require additional
activities for
remediation who
score below 80%
C. Did the remedial
lesson work?
No. of learners
who got caught up
in the lesson
D. Number of
learners who
continue to require
E. Which of my
teaching strategy
worked well?
Why did this work?
F. What difficulties
did I encounter
which my principal
or supervisor can
help me solve?
G. What innovation
or localized
materials did I
used to discover
which I wish to
share with the