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Manifest Events & 1202 Venue & Bar | Booking Agreement (VOID


THIS AGREEMENT​ (“Agreement”), dated --st of October 2016 and is between
Manifest Events LLC,
AND: Name -
1202 3rd St Se
Address Line 1 -
Ste. 200 & 300 City, IA Zip Code -
Cedar Rapids, IA
United States
Tel: 319 573 0705
jordan.farley@manifest-event (herein called the “Lessee”)

(herein called the “Lessor”)
1. Definitions. In this Agreement, the following words and phrases, unless there is something in the context inconsistent
therewith, will have the following meanings:

Lessee’s Representative: Sue Flaherty Lessee’s Alternate Representative:
​ (​Home ​Telephone) - ​ (​Name)
(​Mobile) (​Work Telephone)
(​E-mail Address) (​E-mail Address)
​ (​Driver’s License)

Hall - Rental & Lower Bar 200
$3000 Number of People at Event:
$ (Mezzanine & Upper Bar not Wedding Reception
Mezzanine - Rental Fee: Type of Event:
2017-09-01 after 12:00 PM
Extra Clean-up Charge: $ -- Date​ ​&​ ​Time Event Starts:
(earlier if needed for setup)
Other Fees: $ -- Date & Time Event Ends: --
Party to set up tables and 2017-09-01 @01:45am
chairs before beginning of $ -- Bar & Music End Time:
Party to take down tables 2017-09-01 @ 01:50am
and chairs at end of event.
$ -- Hall Vacate Time:
Venue will help out if need
Deposit/Reservation Fee: 50% --
Total Charges: $ 3000 Cash Deposit ($1500)
$1500 (Remaining Amount) +
Damage Deposit-(Refundable) $210 (sales tax) and $500
7% (Tax): $ 210 (Taxable Cash Amount)
(cash only) --- $500 (Deposit) (due 30 days before
the Calendered Event)
$1500 (Deposit) + $1500
Total Amount Due: (Remaining Amount) + $210 Contract #: 1003
(Taxable Cash Amount) = $3105
NN No outside alcohol served and no drugs allowed
1. Rental. On the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in this Agreement, Lessor agrees to rent the Premises to the Lessee from the Date
& Time Event Starts until the Date & Time Event Ends and Lessee, in consideration therefore, agrees to pay to the Lessor the Total Amount
Due. Lessee shall not permit more than the Number of People at Event to attend at the Premises unless agreed to in writing by Lessor. Due
to fire regulations, the maximum attendance at Lessee’s event shall not, in any case, exceed 350 for sit down dinners and 600 for standup
2. Special Arrangements & Conditions.
Lessee to remove all debris/decorations from walls, tables and floors into receptacles provided. .
3. References. ​When Lessee is first time rental then two (2) written references are required and these references must be from the management
of previous halls the Lessee has used. Clubs or halls where Lessor has provided staff all night do not qualify. ​WAIVED BY LESSOR
4. Closing, Vacate and Clear Out Times. The bar is to be closed and the music is to be shut down no later than the Bar & Music End Time set
out above. The guests attending the event are to be vacated no later than the Guests’ Vacate Time set out above. The Lessee must be
completely cleared out no later than the Date & Time Event Ends, otherwise an additional rental fee of $250 per hour or portion thereof is due
and owing.
5. Deposit/Reservation Fee. The Deposit/Reservation Fee set out above is required to confirm booking and will be applied to the Total Amount
Due for the event. ​The Deposit/Reservation Fee is non refundable.
6. No Improper Use​. Lessee shall not use, exercise or carry on or permit or suffer to be used, exercised or carried on, in or upon the Premises of
any part thereof any noxious, noisome or offensive act, business, or activity, and no act, matter, or thing whatsoever shall at any time be done
in or upon the Premises or any part thereof which shall or may be to the annoyance, nuisance, damage or disturbance of the occupiers or
owners of the adjoining land and properties. ​Smoking is not permitted on the Premises​.
7. Foods & Beverages. Any foods and/or beverages brought to or prepared at the Premises by the Lessee are the sole responsibility of the
Lessee. Lessee agrees and covenants to hold harmless the Lessor, its agents and/or employees from any and all damages resulting from
consumption and/or sale of such foods and beverages to Lessee’s guests and/or any other third parties.
8. Decorations; No Confetti; No Candles. All decorations or fixtures placed upon the Premises must first be approved by the Lessor. ​No
confetti or candles may be used within or around the Premises or a charge of $30 per hour for clean up (minimum $100) will be levied. The
fabric art hanging, located on the east stage wall, may not be removed from the stage.
9. Damages; Garbage. Without limitation, any and all damages to persons and/or property occurring during or as a result of the use of the
Premises by Lessee are the responsibility of the Lessee. Lessee shall reimburse Lessor for costs incurred by Lessor in making good any
damage or loss caused to the Premises, the building, the lands, the improvements thereon or any part or the contents thereof occurring during
Lessee’s occupancy or arising as a result of the negligence or willful act of Lessee, its agents, servants, invitees or other persons from time to
time permitted by the Lessee to enter upon, in or about the Premises or the lands. Such costs incurred by Lessor shall be paid by the Lessee to
Lessor at cost plus 20% (subject to a minimum charge of $100). Lessee may dispose of up to 5 standard-size garbage bags at no additional
cost; otherwise a charge of $ 5 per bag applies for every additional bag.
10. Damage Deposit. The Damage Deposit is refundable if there is (a) no damage to the Premises or its contents; (b) no additional garbage; and
(c) no loss of property, arising as a result of the Lessee’s use and occupancy of the Premises. At end of Event, Lessor’s agent together with
Lessee will inspect the Premises. If there is evidence of damage or loss, the deposit will be retained and all costs of repairs or remedying the
loss will be deducted therefrom. Should Lessee fail to make this inspection with Lessor's agent, then the report of Lessor's agent shall be
considered correct and shall not be subject to dispute.
11. Claims. Lessor shall not be responsible in any way for any injury to any person or for the loss of or damage to any property belonging to
Lessee or to other occupants of the Premises or to their respective invitees, licensees, agents, servants, or other persons from time to time
attending at the Premises while such person or property is in or about the Premises. Lessee agrees and covenants to hold harmless Lessor, its
agents and/or employees from any and all claims and expenses, legal and otherwise, arising out of Lessee’s use of Premises, including any
injuries to persons and/or property, except any damage which may be occasioned by acts or conduct of the Lessor or its agents or employees.
12. Security. The Lessee is responsible for providing adequate security to protect the Premises, property within the Premises and persons
attending Lessee’s event. If one or more of the Lessee’s invitees becomes unruly, it is then the responsibility of the Lessee or Lessee’s
security service to ensure that such unruly invitee(s) is(are) removed from the Premises in an orderly fashion. Lessee shall provide Lessor
with proof of having obtained adequate security services for event, which services shall include one or two licensed security personnel for
every 200 people attending Lessee’s event. ​WAIVED BY LESSOR
13. Non-Performance. In the event that the Lessor is unable to make the Premises available to the Lessee, as a result of fire, flood, breakage,
theft, or any act of God, the Lessor shall not be responsible or liable in any way to the Lessee for such non-performance.
14. Indemnification. Lessee shall indemnify and save harmless Lessor from any and all liabilities, damages, costs (including, but not limited to,
legal fees and disbursements on a solicitor and own client basis in enforcement of Lessor’s rights and remedies under this Agreement), claims,
suits, or actions arising out of (a) any breach, violation, or non-performance of any covenant, condition or agreement in this Agreement to be
fulfilled, kept, observed and performed; (b) any damage to property located in or about the Premises occurring during the Lessee’s occupation
of the Premises; and (c) any injury, including death, to any licensee, invitee, agent, employee, or customer of the Lessee or other person who
either (i) uses or consumes any food, beverage or other product prepared or distributed by the Lessee, or (ii) from time to time is permitted by
the Lessee to enter upon, in or about the Premises, the building or lands, resulting at any time therefrom; and this covenant of indemnity shall
survive the expiry or sooner determination of this Agreement.
15. Assignment​. This Agreement, and all rights and powers granted hereby, shall inure to the benefit of the Lessor and its successors and assigns.
The Lessee shall not assign this Agreement without prior written consent of the Lessor and the Lessor in its sole discretion may withhold such
consent without having to give reason for refusing its consent.
16. Licenses/Permits. Lessee is responsible for acquiring any federal, provincial or municipal licenses or permits that may be necessary for its
use of the Premises including, without limitation, any health permits, worker’s compensation board registration or licenses, business licenses.
Lessee shall display such permits and or licenses on the Premises. Lessee is also responsible for remitting the applicable license or permit fees
to the appropriate agency. Lessee shall not sell or serve, or permit to be sold or served, any alcoholic beverages to minors. Any alcohol sold
or consumed in the Premises must be done in accordance with the rules and regulations of the State of Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division.
17. Rescheduling. Lessee acknowledges and agrees that Lessor has the right at any time to reschedule the date and times of Lessee’s use of the
Premises if deemed necessary by the Lessor; in which case, Lessor shall endeavour to give as much notice as possible to Lessee.
18. Compliance With Laws​. Lessee shall, at its own expense, comply with all laws, ordinances, regulations, requirements and recommendations,
which may be applicable to Lessee or the manner of its use of the Premises, of any and all federal, provincial, civic, municipal and other
authorities or association of insurance underwriters or agents and all notices in pursuance of same and whether served on Lessor or Lessee.
19. Payment Policy. Final payment of all charges is due 30 days prior to the date of the event unless otherwise stated herein. Overdue payments
are subject to service charge of 25% per month. ​The damage deposit must be paid in cash or by certified cheque and is due not later than
noon of the day of the event or start of the event whichever is earlier​. ​N.S.F. cheques are subject to a charge of $35.00.
20. Agreement Binding. This Agreement is binding upon both parties. Lessee acknowledges that Lessee has read, understands and will abide by
the terms and conditions specified in this Agreement. Lessee may terminate this Agreement only by forfeiture of the Deposit/Reservation fee
and MUST pay the remaining total amount before 30 days prior to the event, provided written notice is given to the Lessor at least 60 days
prior to the original date booked for the event; otherwise the Total Amount Due is owing and payable.
21. Miscellaneous. ​This Agreement has been made, executed and delivered in and is to be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of
the State of Iowa. The captions in this Agreement are inserted solely for convenience of reference and do not constitute a part of this
Agreement, nor shall they affect its meaning, construction or effect. This Agreement sets forth all of the promises, covenants, agreements,
conditions and undertakings between the parties hereto with respect to the subject matter hereof, and supersedes all prior and
contemporaneous agreements and understandings, and inducements or conditions, if any, expressed or implied, and whether oral or written.
This Agreement may be modified only by an agreement in writing, signed by the party against whom enforcement of any waiver, change,
modification, extension or discharge is sought. If any provision of the Agreement is declared void, such provision shall be deemed severed
from this Agreement, which shall otherwise remain in full force.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF​ the parties have executed this Agreement as and from the day and year first above written.
Lessor Lessee

____________________________ ______________________________
Authorized Signatory Lessee’s Signature