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In My Community

Introduction: The local government has announced they are building a new community in the town
and they have asked the local community to create designs based on sustainability and practicality.
The council are asking for models to be presented to the mayor in eight weeks’ time.

Brief: In pairs the you will create a diorama of a community including housing, community areas such
as parks and exercise areas and a sustainable source of energy to power the community and a
sustainable waste management system.

Generating designs: Students have one lesson to research features of a community, two lessons on
sustainable energy and waste management, three lessons to design their community and four
lessons to create their community.

Project Specifications: The community will be created to be no bigger then a printer box size and
made from recycled materials.

It should contain:

- Houses

- Roads

- 2-5 community service features

- A sustainable energy source

- A sustainable waste management system


1. In the first lesson to prepare you for the task of designing a community we will learn about
what are some features in a community
2. The second lesson is based on the sustainable energy you will learn about many different
sustainable energy sources for you to choose from to create the energy for your community
3. The third lesson is to research sustainable waste management systems to go into your
4. You will have three lessons to plan your community. Remember to think about the
specifications and what materials you will use.
5. You will have three lessons to build your community
6. In the final lesson you will be presenting your community idea to the mayor and the local
Presentation: Students present their community to the class in a speech as though it is being
presented to the council

Time: Students have eight lessons to complete the activity

Assessment: Students will be marked based on their inclusion of sustainable energy and waste
management in their community as well as the inclusion of community spaces and the practicality of
their community.