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Speaker 1 Ferawati *PATHWAYS - Dynamic Leadership* (L1) Ice "Hyakunin isshu" a classical Japanese anthology of one hundred Japanese

Breaker (4-6 min) waka (poems) by one hundred poets, much of which were poems
Title: What's in a name? predominantly written by educated men over 1,000 years ago. I will try
[ ] to not only explain the poem but also add my own interpretation and
Speaker 2 Anusorn Swasdee, ACG, ALB * PATHWAYS - Visionary analysis of the poem, which is contrary to the popular explanation
Communication (L1) Evaluation and Feedback #1 (5-7 min)* provided by experts.]
Title: Go help others together.
[ There are strong TM clubs. There are weak TM clubs. To help the weak,
one person is not enough. Let's go the whole club.]
Speaker 3 Thoranis 'Bin' Karnasuta, Manual/Path: COMPETENT
COMMUNICATION (CC) MANUAL Organize Your Speech (5-7 min)

Title: Procastination
[ ] Back up Speaker 1
Speaker 4 Apple Hu, ACG Manual/Path: PATHWAYS - Persuasive
Erica Pohnan, TM Manual/Path: PATHWAYS - Dynamic Leadership(L2)
Influence (L1) Ice Breaker (4-6 min)
Understanding Your Communication Style (5-7 min)
Title: Something about me
It's Hard to Say Hard Things
[As my first speech in Capitol, I would like to introduce myself and my
family through several little things that have changed my life greatly.] [Do you all find it hard to have difficult conversations? So does TM Erica!
Speaker 5 Chetan Morya, CC Manual/Path: HUMOROUSLY SPEAKING (2) In this speech she will reflect on how her communication style has
Leave Them with a Smile (5-7 min) developed to avoid saying hard things and what she has learned from
trying to overcome this fear.]
Title: Give control and take control
Aida Karazhanova, Manual/Path: SPEECHES BY MANAGEMENT Revised
Speaker 6 Eiko Narita, CC Manual/Path: INTERPRETIVE READING Project
(4) Communicating Change (5-7 min)
/ Time: (2) Interpreting Poetry (6-8 min)
Title: A Fairy Tale
Title: Murasaki Shikibu - my interpretation of poem #57
[ What do women want? (on partnerships versus dominance and
[ This speech presents the TM audience with a famous poem by Murasaki
Shikibu, a Japanese female novelist who authored the oldest novel in the
world, "The Tale of Genji". Her famous poem #57 is included into