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FLIGHT PLANNING AND MONITORING TOPOGRAPHICAL CHART With reference to the VFR + GPS Chart GERMANY EDITION 1999 ED-6 and VER flight answer the following: EXERCISE 1. Decode the airfield symbol at N4728 E00833. Reference N4811 £01052. What is the significance of: a) ET in the Location Indicator ETSL ? b) 141.25 and 2442m ? ‘What type of airfield is at N4727 E00814 ? Decode the symbol at N4755 E01055. What does (v) after 125.700 at N4858 E00820 signify ? Flight from A, N4823 E00839 to B, N4803 £00922; TAS 125kt and forecast W/V 180/25. a) What is the track direction (°T) and distance in nautical miles/kilometres ? b) Calculate the magnetic heading, groundspeed and estimated elapsed time(ELT) ? ©) What is the highest terrain/obstacle within the area extending Snm either side of the track and Snm radii, centred on and beyond, A and B ? d) What would be the correct flight level to clear this terrain/obstacle by a minimum of 1000ft 2 ¢) Fully describe the navigational facilities at A and B f) What does the symbol 10.5nm, on track, from A signify ? 8) What is the highest Minimum Grid Area Altitude (Grid MORA) on this route ? h) List the four major hazards along this route i) What are the STUTTGART INFORMATION (FIS) and ATIS frequencies ? What VER Airspace Classifications are used in Germany ? Convert 4500f to metres. What are the Airspace Designator and Control Frequency for Munchen ? Decode the three symbols in the vicinity of N47 33 E010 18. FLIGHT PLANNING AND MONITORING TOPOGRAPHICAL CHART EXERCISE 2. 1 The above route is continued to C, N47 44.7 E009 33.6: a) Identify and describe the position and symbol at C. b) At this position what is the value of magnetic variation and airspace structure encountered ? °) State the ATIS frequency at FRIEDRICHSHAFEN. 4) Decode the * against D3000. ) What is an aircraft's DME range and RMI (Radio Magnetic Indicator) NDB (Non- Directional Beacon) bearing when overhead C from FRIEDRICHSHAFEN? f) What air activity is anticipated as an aircraft approaches C ? g) What is an aircraft’s transponder setting for Friedrichshafen ? h) ‘What type of railway serves the town of Friedrichshafen ? 2. Describe the radio navigation facilities at N48 37.1 E009 15.6. 3. Describe the radio navigation facilities at N48 41.3 E009 13.5.