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US 2018030198681 cu») United States 2) Patent Application Publication co) Pub. No.: US 2018/0301986 A1 oy oy my ey @ @) (60) Alves et al. CONVERTER ARCHITECTURE Applicant: Apple Ine., Cupertino, CA (US) Inventors: Jeffrey M. Alves, Pleasanton, CA (US) Peng Wa, Sunnyvale, CA (US): Yehonatan Peres, Menlo Park, CA (US); Kisun Lee, Pleasanton, CA (US) Philip Juang, Mountain View, CA (US) Appl. Now 16/012,118 Filed: Jun, 19, 2018 sed US - Application Data Continuation of application No. 15/764,438, filed on Mae. 29, 2018, now abandoned, filed as application No, PCTUS20161053003 on Sep. 22, 2016 Provisional application No, 62/285,129, fled on Sep. 30, 2015 UNREGULATED. DC0-DC (43) Pub. Date: Oct. 18, 2018 Publication Classification (1) Inte MO2M 3188 (2006.01) BOOL 1/18 (2006.01), (2005.01), ‘HO2M 3/1582 (2013.01); BOOL. 11/1868 (2013.01): Beat. 2310/14 2013.01); H02M 2001/07 (2013.01), BOOL 2210/12 2013.01) on ABSTRACT Implementations described and claimed herein provide sys- tems and methods for supplying voltage to load and battery. In one implementation, an Unregulated DC-to-DC converter is electrically eonnected toa firs energy source to ‘down convert first vollage supplied by the first energy source, A Toad is electrically connected to the unrogulated De-4o-DC converter to receive the down converted fist voltage, regulated DC-to-DC converter is electrically connected to the unregulated DC-10-DC converter to reg Tate the down converted frst voltage to «second voltage. A second power source is electrically connected to the r+ Tated DC-to-DC converter to change the second power source wsing the second voltage, and the second power Soutce is switchably connectable fo the load. Pa 0 CONVERTER eae sth REGULATED DCA0-DC switcn CONVERTER po" Patent Application Publication Oct. 18, 2018 Sheet 1 of 10 US 2018/0301986 A1 Los 110 ED DC TER FIG. 1 DC-to-DC CONVERTER 102 UNREGULATED ma { ST Patent Application Publication Oct. 18, 2018 Sheet 2 of 10 US 2018/0301986 A1 g oa vn (=). Ir we Zz a 2 + =8+O—I Ae A Pt FIG.2 DC-TO-DC 204 tL REGULATEI