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Award-Winning Author Re-Releases Children’s Book in Time for Mid-Term

Elections; Publication is Part of Shady Pines Story Town Website Focused on

Restoring Civility

Imagine an election where themes of honesty, forgiveness, and responsibility are on the ballot and
civility is the big winner? That is the case with the re-released, national award winning, "Boomer
and Halley Election Day - A Town Votes for Civic Responsibility" book for readers 4-8. This Mom's
Choice Gold Award winning book will have families laughing and cheering the folks in this small
Southern town where civility lives!

Wilmington, NC, October 18, 2018 --( - Mary Jane

McKittrick, creator of Shady Pines Story Town, a website promoting “Civility for Children” with online
stories and off-line activities, and author of the nationally recognized book series, Boomer and Halley,
re-releases “Boomer and Halley Election Day - A Town Votes for Civic Responsibility” in time for the
2018 midterm election cycle.

First published in 2008 during the Clinton-Obama election, the book, a Mom's Choice Gold Award
Winner for readers ages 4-8, chronicles the events of a local mayoral election in the small Southern town
of Shady Pines and features Boomerang, an Australian Shepherd dog, and Halley's Comet, a silver streak
of a cat, who elect to get involved. Themes of honesty, forgiveness, responsibility and proper pet care
weave throughout the story line where honesty and responsibility are up for debate, and civility is the big

“The book is less about politics as it is a call to get involved, be informed and be of service to your
community,” says McKittrick, who is concerned about the rancor and lack of decorum and polite debate
in today's elections.

“How can we ask younger voters to support our representative-driven republic if all they observe are civil
servants being anything but civil? Why should the next generation want to get involved and participate in
public life if all we show them is that if they do, they will be ripped apart, attacked and destroyed?

“Research shows that voting is habit forming. Starting early makes it more likely that an individual will
continue to vote throughout their life time and are more likely to get involved with other forms of civic
engagement, such as participation in community groups and advocacy organizations.”

McKittrick says that's what the Boomer and Halley Election Day book seeks to achieve.

“We use our small town of Shady Pines to showcase a mayoral election. Neighbors, old and young,
human and animal, get involved. It's a fun way to show children that it's important as citizens that we
make out voices heard if we want to affect positive change. Our power in the voting booth is the single
most significant individual power we wield as citizens, and it's a right that many around the world don't
possess. We should teach our kids to value it and to use it wisely.”

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About Mary Jane McKittrick

Mary Jane McKittrick is the owner of Tuxedo Cat Productions, the Chief Creative Officer of Shady Pines
Story Town and the author of the national award-winning book series, Boomer and Halley, for ages 4-8.
The books feature Boomerang, an Australian Shepherd dog, and Halley's Comet, a silver streak of a cat,
both adopted by Harold and Edna Sanders who learn to parent their four legged “kids” in the small
Southern town of Shady Pines. The stories introduce core values in a fun-filled way. McKittrick is a
former communications consultant and broadcast journalist who holds a dual bachelor's degree in Theatre
Arts and Speech Communication.

Contact: Rebecca Lay

Communications Manager
Shady Pines Story Town
Phone: 734-776-7741

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