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June 28, 2018 Rye Police Association Teamsters Local 633 555 Washington Road Rye, NH 03870 Board of Selectmen Town of Rye 10 Central Road Rye, NH 03870 Ladies and Gentleman, We the police officers of the Rye Police Department, collectively together as the Rye Police Association, ‘Teamsters Local 633 are writing you to express our concerns regarding the leadership of Chief Kevin Walsh, We regretfully inform you that we have lost all trust, faith, and confidence in Chief Walsh's ability to lead the Rye Police Department. Chief Walsh has fostered an atmosphere of hostility, retaliation, and unprofessional behavior. Some ‘examples of this behavior are: In the weeks and months surrounding a grievance relating to court time call back, Chief Walsh commented to subordinate officers that “people are going to start feeling the pain around here.” He further told one patrol officer that (while pointing at the Sergeant's office) “the people who need to feet it most will feel the pain.” In addition, Chief Walsh commented to a subordinate officer that he was going to “mow over him” then pointed to the Sergeant's office and said “he’s next.” Aso in the weeks and months surrounding the court time grievance Chief Walsh routinely joked openly about grievances in front of the aggrieved employees. He challenged an officer to file a grievance about not being able to order lunch from a specific restaurant. After hearing a comment about a hostile work environment made by a non-employee of the Department, Chief Walsh commented in front of subordinate officers that “he hasn't gotten one of those yet, bring. iton!” “Keep the grievances coming.” Chief Walsh routinely talks negatively using profane language and derogatory names about Rye police officers and other Town employees behind their back to subordinate officers. Chief Walsh recently told a subordinate officer that he was going to “run over the police Sergeant repeatedly until there was nothing left but tire marks.” ‘As punishment for filing the court time grievance, Chief Walsh ordered a 20+ year veteran of the Department to attend a two day training class which included being exposed to OC spray even after other qualified members of the Department had showed interest in going, Chief Walsh commented to a subordinate officer about having to go in front of the Board of Selectmen to have another officer’s Bereavement leave approved after the officer's brother-in- law passed away. Chief Walsh commented to the subordinate that he had to because "some [expletive] people around here think this [expletive] is automatic.” Chief Walsh questioned a patrol officer who had just finished interviewing a juvenile sexual assault victim about why he was in the station taking reports and not out on beach patrol. Chief ‘Walsh was upset that no one was out on the beach writing tickets. After that same officer was later presented with an award for his role in the investigation by an outside agency Chief Walsh told that officer that he “doesn’t believe in all that clapping and awards [expletive], he hasn't even been convicted yet.” ‘+ Chief Walsh, in speaking with a subordinate officer threatened termination for any employee ‘who commented publicly about an ongoing internal investigation. He then motioned to the ‘employee tying a noose around his own neck and made stabbing gestures with his hands saying “here is what we are going to do to them.” + Inthe days following a meeting between the Town Administrator and a Teamsters Business ‘Agent about concerns the officers Chief Walsh commented to a part-time officer in front of other Town Employees saying “well guys | have been told by some upper management in Town that lam a prick. You think | give a [expletive]? Nope.” Chief Walsh, while speaking with a subordinate officer about a current grievance also stated he was “not backing down and the Selectmen will side with [him] and [he] hopes this goes to arbitration if [he] does lose.” He further stated that he was going to “douse gasoline on the ‘trio’ (referring to three other officers) and will keep loading them up with work to distract them from grievances.” He then raised both middle fingers in the air and stated “You think | give a [expletive] anymore, [expletive] them.” He also said he was going to “change the schedule as a result of this grievance as a pushback” and stated he “is not going anywhere” and “will change the face of Rye PD everywhere.” ‘+ Also in the days following the above referenced meeting, Chief Walsh was openly discussing an ongoing internal investigation with a subordinate officer. The officer commented about how he had raised concerns about the officer who is the subject of the investigation to a FTO. Chief \Walsh’s response to the subordinate officer was “[expletive] him, [expletive] him.” ‘+ Most recently, Chief Walsh who was on a paid detail in Town did not hear a subordinate officer answer and respond to an accident call over the radio. The officer had in fact acknowledged the call over the radio and responded to the scene within four minutes. Chief Walsh requested dispatch check the officer’s status and then ordered him to his location after finishing the call. Chief Walsh then angrily confronted the officer about not hearing him answer the radio. Attempts to address workplace problems with Chief Walsh have gone ignored. We feel that the relationship with Chief Walsh is irreparable and he has brought morale to an all-time low. His lack of leadership and hostile management style has affected retention and recruitment of qualified personnel. During the past five years seven full-time patrol officers have resigned from the Department. Chief Walsh consistently utilizes threats of disciplinary action as a means of intimidating officers. He once told a ranking Rye police officer that he gets more out of officers by kicking them in the teeth rather than patting them on the back. He is quick to pass judgement negatively on officers before gathering all of the necessary facts. At the slightest sign of adversity, Chief Walsh immediately goes on the defensive He has been known to show up at the police department late in the evening or in the middle of the night demanding private meetings. It has been said that a bad manager can take a good staff and destroy it thereby causing the best employees to leave and those that remain lose all motivation. This Department has seen several quality officers walk out the door due largely in part to the climate fostered by Chief Walsh. With that, and in Closing, for the reasons stated above the officers of the Rye Police Association have lost all confidence in Chief Walsh's ability to lead this Department. We therefore ask that you support our unanimous vote of no confidence and relieve Chief Walsh of his duties. Respectfully Submitted, Set. Way ais Officer brendan arétenney Fugiestad Officer Geoffrey Miller Vek. icp? Edward Hudson Cpl. Mark Webster z Officer Manyyrch