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Practical Task Sheet –

P11.16 : Carry Out Main Hydraulic System Components Identification and Inspection.


Descriptions Signature Date

1. Check the ATA Chapter on the task, and get the appropriate manual from
the technical library.
Refer the manual for the task to be carried out.
Locate the position of the component to be inspected or removal from the
From the practical worksheet provided, carry out the task as directed, refer
the Worksheet number.
2.Refer to maintenance manual, and follow the instruction closely for your
task as stated in the manual.
Adhere to the safety procedures stated in the manual before commencing on
the task
Ensure personnel’s safety before carrying out any practical task on any
Safety to the working personnel’s;
a. Ensure proper attire for the job, no loose clothing, suitable safety shoes,
the required ppe must be worn at all time as required
b. All clothing pockets must be buttoned up.

c. Application of barrier cream on to the hand to protect from any skin

diseases, such as Dermatitis.
d. When working on piston engine aircraft, avoid approach the aircraft
through the propeller plane of rotation
Safety on the aircraft and the surrounding;
Identify the aircraft that is applicable to the task and to ensure you carry
out the safety inspection on the aircraft, such as;
i. Aircraft power supply, Battery, OFF

ii. Engine ignition switch, OFF

iii. Aircraft’s parking brakes “ON”

iv. Aircraft wheels chock, “ON”

v. Fire extinguisher, available

3. Carry out the task;

By referring to the maintenance manual;

You are to follow closely to the instruction stated in the manual.
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Open engine / aircraft panels.

4.Cowling has been opened.

5.Find the bleed valve(Refer figure 5(a) )

6.Blank the bleed valve using masking tape(Refer figure 5(b) )

7.Safety wire locking must be remove(Refer figure5(c) )

8.Open the nut

9.Remove the cotter pin

10.Remove the nut

11.Inspect the bleed valve

 No dent or defect detected

12.Install the bleed valve

 Safety wire locking and secured

 New cotter pin install and secure

 Nut thighten secured

13.Foreign object damage (FOD) has been carried out

14.Cowling has been closed

15.Engine has been ran for testing

16.Air bleed system has been checked for any leakage.
17.Loose articles check carried out, found “Satisfactory”

18.All panels closed and secured.

19.Pump functional check to be carried out. Engine-run required.

20.Pump functional check carried out, found “Satisfactory”

Name ID Number Signature Date
1. MUHAMMAD 53106116226

2. WANRIE HAFIZUL BIN 53106116314


3. MUHAMMAD RAZIQ 53106116221


4. AMIRUL ADLI BIN 53106116227


5. SHARVIN A/L 53106116225

Figure 5(a) -Bleed Valve Figure 5(b)-Bleed Valve

Figure 5(c)-Safety Wire Locking