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Get Moving Faster:

Variable Axial Piston Motor A6VM
Series 71

The Drive & Control Company

A6VM Variable Motor – Reliable, Long-Lived and Extraordinarily Efficient

Power from Any Position:

The New A6VM Series 71 Variable Motor

The new series A6VM variable motor offers higher rated pressure and maximized power density. The
higher power density comes from a strong combination of increased rated pressure, higher speed, and
greater specific absorption volume. This new 9-piston motor is especially efficient at small swivel angles.

The drive is designed for smooth running over the entire swivel angle range, giving you power in any
position. That’s a big advantage at low rotational speeds – and you also get a lively motor startup response.
The motor’s zero swivel capability offers advanced traction drive functions like traction control (TCS),
plus high-performance braking – both also from Rexroth.

High quality through efficient manufacturing processes

The new A6VM Series 71 variable motor offers:

Increased pressure range Greater power density

Zero swivel-capable variable motor Higher rpm‘s and speeds

Greater efficiency Less power loss

Increased leakage prevention

O-ring seal and threaded ports (even after servicing)

Same main dimensions as the

Compact form factor previous series

Optimal cross-flow scavenging,

Large housing ports lower housing pressure

Low-noise design Reduced noise emission

Comprehensive, proven modular

For all applications and regions
controller line
Product Range

A6VM Series 71 variable motor The new A6VM Series 71 features rede-
signed threaded ports with O-rings. This
Nominal sizes: 60, 85, 115, 150, ensures greater leakage protection, even
170, 215, 280 after servicing.
Rated pressure: 450 bar

Peak pressure: 500 bar Cross-flow scavenging has also been

optimized, making the new A6VM espe-
cially valuable in high-performance drives.
Improved temperature response and lower
Control types: housing pressure work together to reduce
HP – Hydraulic proportional wear and increase service life.
EP – Electric, proportional solenoid
HZ – Hydraulic two-point
EZ – Electric two-point
HA – Automatic, high-pressure dependent
DA – Automatic, speed related

For additional information see: Data sheet RE 91610

Subjects that drive and move us

Environment: Ever more stringent regulations and emissions Cost: Long component service life plus cost-effective manufactur-
limits place increasingly high demands on hydraulic pumps and ing and operation are the two key factors in minimizing Total
motors. Through innovative developments and the latest materials, Cost of Ownership (TCO). Our design advances create a new
we’re meeting these challenges. Let the new variable pump from generation of pumps – with higher pressure ranges, increased
Rexroth put you on the right path towards higher power densities power density, improved service life under comparable operating
and greater efficiency. conditions, and reduced operating costs.

Function: The new generation axial piston pump operates over Energy: Increasing energy prices make fuel consumption a
an increased pressure range up to a maximum 500 bar. The higher key factor for end users – and make energy efficiency a more
operating pressures plus improved efficiency mean greater pulling persuasive argument than ever for travel drives. Their high
force and higher drive speeds. Precision engineered innovations energy efficiency comes with high power density as well,
further increase the proven functionality and flexibility of the exist- so the Rexroth drive makes a strong contribution to energy
ing series of motors. savings.
High-Performance Travel Drive

Rexroth Travel Drives:

Higher Pressure, More Efficiency
The new, high-performance travel drive from Rexroth provides increased power with reduced overall costs. The
travel drive consists of the new A6VM Series 71 hydraulic motor and the new A4VG Series 40 variable pump, for a
special emphasis on energy efficiency and concern for the environment. That means high performance, lower
mobile equipment fuel consumption and reduced harmful emissions. With its extended performance range, the
drive helps manufacturers of construction equipment, agricultural and forestry machinery, material handling
equipment and road vehicles meet the most challenging emissions standards.

Extended performance range

Tractive Force F [kN]

Speed V [km/h]

• Harvesters
• Wheel loaders
• Cranes
• Road construction equipment
• Aircraft tugs
• Tracked vehicles (bulldozes, snow groomers)
• Fork lift trucks
• Forestry machinery
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