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52nd District
Announcements & Upcoming Events October 2018
A Message from Jo Anne…
Protecting the environment is one the most pressing issues before us. The United Nations recently released its
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report on global warming--and it is frightening. Scientists warn
that without urgent action, we will face worsened risks of natural disasters like drought, floods, extreme heat and
poverty for hundreds of millions of people. We could despair, but we know that we have to organize in the face of
adversity. We must do what we can as individual citizens, but New York State must act more decisively to protect
our environment from carbon pollution and greenhouse gases from various sources, including transportation,
homes & buildings, power plants, and waste and wastewater. Especially at a time when the federal government is
shirking its duty to protect the earth, New York must remain vigilant in environmental stewardship.
I am a staunch supporter of initiatives that could make a dent in climate change, including divesting our state
pension funds from fossil fuels and initiating a carbon fee to offset the harmful costs of fossil fuels. I am a
cosponsor of the critical Climate and Community Protection Act (this has passed the Assembly but not the Senate),
which would address and mitigate the impacts of climate change in New York State, and the Environmental Bill of
Rights. I also co-sponsor A9819, which would prohibit oil and natural gas exploration or development in New York's
coastal areas. I have also supported efforts to increase the availability of healthy food in schools and promote the
NYS farm to table movement. I am also one of the few Assemblymembers to support a fee on plastic bags, voting
against the legislature’s moratorium on instituting the City Council’s plastic bag fee. I have also long supported
congestion pricing to fund mass transit and reduce vehicle usage, and the equalization of tolling policies.
In addition to holding your elected officials accountable, there are organizations you can join and steps you can
take to contribute to a more sustainable environment. Here are some organizations that you can volunteer with:
- 350 Brooklyn.
- Build It Green! NYC (here in Gowanus)
- UPROSE (based in Sunset Park)
- MillionTreesNYC (for those with green thumbs)
- Time’s Up (for cycling enthusiasts)
- GrowNYC, 212-788-7935, or email
- Gowanus Canal Conservancy
- Environmental Advocates of NY
We can take individual action, from reducing, reusing, and recycling to biking or taking mass transit (On a personal
note, I’ve installed home solar energy panels). Here are simple tips to get you started (send me more to share):
- Compost: use bags with “Compostable” & “BPI” certifications; carry the bucket & bag together to avoid leaking
- Instead of bottled water, use refillable bottles
- Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth
- Use cloth towels instead of paper towels
- Go paperless or buy recycled paper
- Buy rechargeable batteries
- Use low energy light bulbs
- Unplug appliances and electronic devices!

Join Me for a Discussion about Dyslexia at the CEC13 & CEC15 Meeting, 10/23/2018, 7:30pm
October is dyslexia Awareness Month! Please join me for a discussion on the basics of dyslexia, learn about my new
law that was recently passed for this school year and how it will affect your child, and share your thoughts as we
discuss this issue together. This discussion will take place during a CEC13 & CEC15 business meeting, which starts at
6:30pm. The dyslexia conversation will start no later than 7:30pm. The meeting is open to the public. Translation
services are available upon request.

As you may know, the long-awaited Dyslexia guidance for school districts has been issued. This guidance was
required pursuant to my legislation (A.8262) and was a result of the advocacy of many people across the state. The
NY State Education Department issued the guidance documents on dyslexia and other learning disabilities. The
guidance, created in cooperation with stakeholders, clarifies that school districts may use the terms dyslexia,
dysgraphia, and dyscalculia in evaluations, eligibility determinations, or in developing an individualized education
program. This represents an incredible step forward, but we must make sure that this is shared widely with
parents, teachers and school administrators so that every student has the opportunity to succeed:

236 and 238 President Streets Designated as Landmarks.

I wanted to share some great news – the Hans S. Christian Memorial Kindergarten at 236 President Street and 238
President Streets have been designated as individual landmarks by the NYC Landmarks Preservation Committee!
Preserving these buildings is the right way to connect our city to its past, as we continue to move forward. I’m
proud to have worked on this with many neighbors in the community, Council Member Brad Lander and other local
elected officials, the Historic Districts Council, and more.

Affordable Housing Opportunity, apply by 11/9/2018

There are 100 newly constructed units at 15 Bridge Park Drive, Brooklyn, 11201 currently accepting applications. A
percentage of units will be given to applicants with disabilities: mobility (5%), vision/hearing (2%). Applications are
due by November 9th, 2018. For more information and to apply: https://a806-

Property Tax Reform Public Hearing, 10/15/2018

The NYC Advisory Commission is holding a public hearing on Property Tax Reform on Mon., Oct. 15th at 6:30pm, at
the Courtroom in Brooklyn Borough Hall, 209 Joralemon St. If you’d like to speak, you can sign up when you arrive.
The commission is interested in hearing about: (a) fairness in the treatment of different kinds of properties; (b)
improvements in the administration of the system; & (c) avoiding significant property tax increases through
transitional or income-based mechanisms. For more details:

84th Precinct Pet Adoption, 10/14/2018

Come adopt your new best friend at Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5 on Sun., October 14th. From 12-4pm,
Neighborhood Coordination Officers Ruggiero and Sy will be working with the Animal Care Center to find cats,
dogs, and rabbits a home. Adoption fees vary, but NYC ID cardholders will receive a $25 discount and veteran’s fees
will be waived except for the NYC dog license fee ($8.50).

2018 Ferry Feasibility Study, Call for Comments by 10/15/2018

New York City Economic Development Corporation is undertaking a new ferry feasibility study to examine sites for
possible future landings. The study will take into consideration factors such as water depths, population density,
existing access to transit, and travel time comparisons between modes. If you would like to suggest a site to be
considered for study, please go to and search for ferry feasibility study. Responses will
be accepted through October 15, 2018.
Join me to Get Your Free Flu Shot! 10/16/2018
I am pleased to offer free flu shots in my district office, 341 Smith Street, in conjunction with NYU Langone Medical
Center on Tuesday, October 16, 2018, from 10am-2pm. The vaccines are for adults 18+ years old. Please contact
my office to make an appointment at 718-246-4889 or email

78th Precinct Park Slope NCO Meeting, 10/18/2018

Sector B of the 78th Precinct is hosting their Neighborhood Coordination Officer (NCO) public safety meeting on
Thursday, October 18th, at 7:00pm at Greenwood Baptist Church, 461 6th Street. Come and discuss your public
safety needs and concerns with your local law enforcement officers. To find your NCO Sector, go to

Brooklyn House of Detention (BHOD) Update & Call for Public Comments by 10/29/2018.
The NYC Department of Correction (DOC) recently released a Draft Scope of Work for a borough based jail system.
The proposed project will include expanding the BHOD and adding support space for correctional programming and
therapeutic services, community space, and parking. I know that my constituents are committed to working with
the City to ensure that the BHOD is part of a jail system that is smaller, safer, and fairer, and I joined the
neighborhood walk in August to ensure that our voices are heard in the process. Senators Montgomery, Kavanagh,
and I also wrote a letter to the Mayor and expressed that we wholeheartedly endorse the vision of closing Rikers
and moving to a more just system, that we accept the premise that the BHOD needs to be reconstructed to further
the goal envisioned by the Lippman Commission, but that thus far, the City has not engaged with the community to
the extent desired. Therefore, we called for a robust public engagement process, and asked that this happen
before moving forward with the current ULURP process (and that the current scope be withdrawn so the
community may provide input).
The City has extended the deadline for written comments on this Draft Scope to 10/29/18. Send comments to
Howard Fiedler, 75-20 Astoria Blvd., Ste 160, East Elmhurst, NY 11370 or

84th Precinct Boerum Hill NCO Meeting, 11/05/2018.

Sector D of the 84th Precinct is hosting their NCO public safety meeting on Monday, November 5th, at 6:00pm at
Numero 28 Pizzeria & Cucina, 68 Bergen Street. Come and discuss your public safety needs and concerns with your
local law enforcement officers. To find your NCO Sector, go to

76th Precinct Carroll Gardens NCO Meeting, 11/14/2018.

Sector A of the 76th Precinct is hosting their NCO public safety meeting on Wednesday November 14th, at 7:00pm
at Cobble Hill Nursing Home, 380 Henry Street. Come and discuss your public safety needs and concerns with your
local law enforcement officers. To find your NCO Sector, go to

78th Precinct Park Slope, and Prospect Park NCO Meeting, 11/15/2018.
Sector D of the 78th Precinct is hosting their NCO public safety meeting on Thursday, November 15th, at 7:00pm at
Litchfield Villa, 95 Prospect Park West. Come and discuss your public safety needs and concerns with your local law
enforcement officers. To find your NCO Sector, go to

Free Mammograms & Clinical Breast Exams, 11/16/2018

I am pleased to partner with the American-Italian Cancer Foundation to bring their Mobile Care Clinic to our
neighborhood! If you are a woman between 40 and 79 and have not had a mammogram in 12 months, you can get
a free mammogram and breast exam whether or not you have insurance (no co-pays and deductibles are waived).
The van will be outside my office at 341 Smith St. between Carroll and President Streets from 2-4:30pm on Friday,
Nov. 16. To make an appointment, email or call 718-246-4889.

Renters & Homeowner’s Tax Exemption & Rent Freeze Programs
I was very pleased to partner with the NYC Department of Finance for an enrollment event in programs like the
Senior Citizen Homeowner’s Exemption (SCHE), Disabled Homeowner’s Exemption (DHE), Enhanced STAR, Senior
Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE), Disability Rent Increase Exemption (DRIE), and more. Many people are
eligible for these programs, but do not participate. If you could not attend, but would like more information on
these programs, you may contact the Dept. of Finance or contact my office.

Homeowners - apply for an exemption to lower your property tax bill:

- STAR: homeowners with an annual income of $500,000 or less.
- E-Star: seniors 65 & older with annual incomes of $86,000 or less.
- SCHE/DHE: seniors 65 & older, disabled homeowners with annual incomes of $58,399 or less.
- Veterans.
- Clergy.
Tenants - Seniors & People with Disabilities may apply to keep your rent from increasing if you:
- Are at least 62 years old or 18 years old with a qualifying disability; &
- Have a household income of $50,000 or less; &
- Live in a rent regulated apartment; & you
- Spend more than 1/3 of your income on rent.

Summer Reading Challenge: Time to Turn in Your Form!

I was happy to again sponsor the Summer Reading Challenge which is not only fun, but keeps those “learning
muscles” well-toned for when kids return to school. Remember to have your children turn in their forms to my
office so that we can recognize them during the certificate ceremony at the Carroll Gardens library on Oct. 30th.

Make Your Vote Count! Please spread the word about the upcoming voter registration deadlines:
Tuesday, November 6, 2018 General Election Deadlines:
 Mail Registration: postmarked by October 12th & received by October 17th.
 In Person Registration: October 12th
 Change of Address: October 17th
 Absentee Ballot: Postmark application by October 30th or apply in-person by November 5th. Postmark
the ballot by November 5th (received by November 19th). Deliver in-person ballot by November 6th
(someone other than voter).
Change of Enrollment: Apply to change your party enrollment for 2019 so it’s received by Oct. 12, 2018.
Register to Vote:

NY Attorney General’s Clergy Abuse Hotline.

NY Attorney General Barbara D. Underwood announced a clergy abuse hotline and online complaint form through
which victims and anyone with information can call; 1-800-771-7755. Or, you can file a complaint online at An investigator will review all allegations; the Attorney General and law enforcement
partners will seek to protect victims’ and witnesses’ identities. As a cosponsor of the Child Victims Act (A05885), I
am so glad that the Attorney General has created this tool to help victims of abuse, and I stand with her calling on
the Legislature to pass the Child Victims Act this year (the Assembly has passed this bill, while the Senate has not).

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