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This Deed of Absolute Sale (DOAS) made and executed this ____ day of ________ 2018
by and between:

______________________, Filipino, of legal age, married to _________, and a resident of _______

and hereinafter referred to as the “SELLER”;


______________, Filipino, of legal age, married to ______________, and a resident of

__________________ hereinafter referred to as the “BUYER”;


WHEREAS, the seller is the valid and peaceful registered owner of a parcel of land
and its improvement situated at _______, which a portion of parcel of land is presently
covered by Title No T-___________ (__________) Square Meters of the Registry of Deeds of the
Province of ________.

WHEREAS, the seller is willing to sell the portion of parcel of land covered by Title
No T-_______ containing an area of _______ square meter described as Lot ________.

________________. ______
________________. ______
_________________ ___________.
_________________. _______.

WHEREAS, the Seller likewise warrants that the property is free from any liens or
encumbrances. The property is not the subject of, or involved in any pending or threatened
litigation whether in court, or in any administrative or legislative body;

WHEREAS, the Seller and buyer have the capacity to enter into this Agreement and
that this Agreement is valid and binding, and that they are fully informed, have thoroughly
understood, and has consented to, without reservation, to the terms and conditions in this

WHEREAS, the Seller has offered to sell and the Buyer has agreed to purchase the
property under the terms and conditions of this Agreement:

NOW, THEREFORE, the parties herein have agreed, covenanted and stipulated as
follows that :

1. For and in consideration of the amount of ONE HUNDRED TWELVE THOUSAND,

FIVE HUNDRED PESOS (Php 112, 500.00) the Seller hereby sells, assigns, transfers
and conveys unto the Buyer, to his heirs, successors, and assignors the aforesaid
property and all other items and improvements therein;
2. All cost of expenses but not limited to the following: Capital Gains Tax, Documentary
Stamps Tax, request of BIR Certificate of Registration, transfer of title to the Buyer’s
name, and all other taxes shall be for the account of the Seller;
3. Included in the sale is the right of way as an access road to _________ Road.
This DOAS shall constitute the legal and binding obligation between the Seller and the
Buyer, their heirs, successor in interest and assignees, enforceable against them in
accordance with the terms and conditions hereof;

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties have hereunto set their hands on the date and place

_____________________________ ______________________________


_______________________________ __________________________


Republic of the Philippines)

Province of Bataan ) S.S.

BEFORE ME, a Notary Public for and in the above jurisdiction, personally appeared:
ID No. Date Issue
All known to me to be the same persons who executed the foregoing DOAS and they
acknowledges to me that the same are their free act and voluntary deed;

This DOAS which consists of two (2) pages including the page on which this
acknowledgement is written, is duly signed by the parties and by their instrumental
witnesses, on each and every page hereof, and that it refers to the sale of a parcel of land
located at ___________.

SIGNED AND SEALED this _____ day of _________ 2018 at _______________.

Notary Public

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Page No.
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Series of 2018