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“Talking Out - Walking On”

Media and Trauma-Healing Project


South Africa
"Like any other prejudice,
violence against women is a
form of discrimination. The
law does not tolerate it and it
is high time that we educate
society not to tolerate it

“The equality clause…

to see a society where women can freely play a
decisive role in the development of our people,
including their role as leaders in the process of
Mapisa-Nqakula, RSA Minister of Home Affairs.
The Situation Today

The new R.S.A. constitution guarantees

women's rights and protection,
in practice these ideas have not filtered
down to rural areas at all.

Indeed the HIV/AIDS pandemic in South Africa

has highlighted the plight of women in rural

Often the victims of oppressive practices,

malicious superstitions, violence, rape and
eviction have been led to believe they
deserve the abuse they are subjected to and
are strongly encouraged to suffer their lot
alone and in silence.
Breaking the Silence


proposes to empower women to break the agonizing
oath of silence, to become observers of their own
situation, to talk out with clarity and courage, paving
the way for others to do likewise.
The Aim…

To give African women the opportunity to

transcend their past trauma..
Freeing old patterns and allowing themselves to
become the powerful and inspiring women who
will join in Co-Creating the New South Africa.
The Project

The project comprises two components:

1. Video documentation and editing

2. Somatic Experiencing trauma therapy

Video Filming Skills

- The women will be taught

basic camera, film and
interviewing skills.
- They will then document their
own personal experiences.
- The final stage will be an editing
- These short films will be formed
into a dynamic oral history archive.
Why Films?
- A film archive will open the channels for
community sharing and discussion, in the
rural villages and internationally.
- Film helps seeing, treating and then shedding
behavioral patterns that trauma and abuse
imprint on women's nervous systems
and souls.
- It is a strong lobbying tool for social change,
locally and nationally.
- Film making as a sense of modern day mastery
Why Self-Documentation?

The oral history tool has been used

world over as a means to free
people from the psychological
effects of personal trauma.
Why Self-Documentation?

By telling her story a woman heals

and transforms her experience from a
place of internal conflict and shame
to one of honesty and courage.
Why Self-Documentation?

The woman film-maker will become an

observer of her own society thereby
allowing her to step outside and view the
trauma (hers and others) in a radically
and creative way.
Why Self-Documentation?

These proud women can then contribute

constructively to their society
and effect changes that will, in turn, make other
women's lives
safer and better.
Somatic Experiencing Therapy

Simultaneously the women will undergo a

psychotherapeutic body-oriented method,
which provides individuals and communities
with effective tools for healing trauma.
About Trauma
- The Traumatic experience narrows the victim’s
concept of reality and cripples her ability to realize
her potential.

- Untreated Trauma often leads to perpetuating the

cycle of aggression.

ToWo Group - 15

Through SE therapeutic process:
- The woman will be able to retrieve a healthy
connection to her body, retrieve her sense
of control, raise her level of self esteem and
remember her innate ability to create her reality.

- This is a process that nourishes her resilience,

flexibility and deep listening.
Rural Women

We are working with Rural

Women Movements

strong, grassroots, women

movements in KwaZuluNatal.

Women that work with poor, indigenous, landless women,-

advocating women's independent land rights and
addressing the issue of HIV/AIDS in the society.
Who are we?
The ToWo Group:
filmmakers, video artists, psychotherapists
body therapists,
theater and movement artists.
Israelis experienced in the fields of
trauma resolution and media documentation.

We are keen to share these areas of expertise

beyond the scope of our everyday lives to African
women who would benefit greatly from them.
Current stage of the project - Israel

The first pilot has been implemented Sep 2007.

We are currently working under an international

non profit organisation in Israel.

We are raising funds and gathering equipment.

Current stage of the project - South Africa

One group has gone through the training

Women most suited and eager to undergo
such training that are able to take these
insights and skills into their own
Contacts with South African individuals
from the film industry, who are willing to
support the project.
What do we need?

We are looking for collaboration and

financial support.
We need Help with funding for flights,
camp residence and board, insurance
and film equipment
(that will remain there after the first camp within
the villages for the ongoing phase).

We are also looking for appropriate

connections in Israel, South Africa and
People who are interested in promoting and
supporting projects of this nature
and providing basic practical help.
The only world we humans
can have is the one we create
together through the actions
of our coexistence.
Maturana and Varela,
“The Tree of Knowledge"

Thank you

In Peace