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bodies under this section are, but not limited to, the following:

1. Local School Board;

2. Local Health Board;
3. City Development Council; and
4. Local Peace and Order Council

This shall however be subject to any revisions, amendments or repeals by any subsequent
statutes or ordinances.


BODIES. The selection of group representative to serve as the BCPC representative to
local special bodies, are as follows:

A. Pursuant to Section 8 (L) & (K) and Section 17 (D) & (E) of the Ordinance, when a
current or subsequent local body in this City is created pursuant to a statute or an
ordinance, the BCPC shall nominate a PO, CSO or NGO as required by said statute
or ordinance as a representative or member in said local body if such member or
representative falls under the following:

1. women’s sector;
2. the agricultural or industrial workers sector;
3. urban poor;
4. indigenous cultural communities; and
5. disabled persons.

B. The mechanism for choosing a nominee shall be in the following order:

1. The applicant for nomination shall file a duly notarized petition to the
BCPC, stating and attaching therein, inter alia:
a. The personal circumstance of the applicant (CSO, NGO or PO) for
nomination and its duly authorized representative as issued by the
applicant through a resolution. The latter shall represent the
applicant in the application process and shall sign the petition in
behalf of the applicant;

b. A copy of the applicant’s Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of

Registration and Constitution and By-laws;

c. The accreditation by the Sangguniang Panlungsod of the applicant

pursuant to the Ordinance and this IRR with proper documentation
as proof;

d. The fact that the applicant falls under the above enumerated

e. The fact that they are not any of the members or representatives in
the BCPC;

f. The relevancy of the applicant’s goals, objectives and functions to

the membership or representation in the pertinent local body and
that the same are not contrary to law or public morals;

g. The statute or ordinance providing for such membership or

representation and that they are duly qualified for the same and
has complied with all requirements respectively indicated therein
and with proper documentation as proof;

h. The reason why should they be selected by the BCPC as a

nominee to such membership or representation in the local body;

i. The fact that such membership or representation in the local body

is vacant; and

j. The fact that their application as nominee is for lawful purpose/s.

2. Within three (3) days upon receipt of the first petition, the BCPC shall
post, through a resolution, in a bulletin board for this purpose only and
placed in a conspicuous place in the City Hall indicating therein the fact of
the first application.

The post shall serve to inform all the accredited NGOs, CSOs and POs of
the first application and all of them are given a non-extendible period of
fifteen (15) days from the date of posting to file their respective

The date of the actual posting in the bulletin board shall be the reckoning
period for the 15-day period. Such fact shall be through an affidavit by the
BCPC Secretariat and the same must be duly notarized.

3. If there are no applicants but the BCPC has knowledge of the fact of
vacancy in the local body and its nomination is required pursuant to the
Ordinance and this IRR, it may motu proprio post the aforementioned
resolution subject to the aforementioned rule.

4. After the lapse of the 15-day period, the BCPC shall convene in a special
meeting specifically for the purpose of deliberating all the applications
filed; the BCPC shall also ascertain the fact of vacancy in the local body
by inviting pertinent personalities during said meeting. This is to settle
conflict in the selection process with respect to the mandate of the BCPC
and the mandate of the local body.

5. Within five (5) days after the special meeting, the BCPC shall convene in
order to vote who among the applicants shall be nominated by the BCPC
as a member or representative to the pertinent local body. The voting
process shall only commence upon the presence of all the members and
representatives of the BCPC.

Only the members or representatives of the BCPC shall vote. A member

or representative shall be entitled only to one (1) vote. The Chairman shall
preside the voting process and shall only vote in order to break a tie, in his
absence, the Vice-Chairman shall perform his/her function.

6. The winning applicant shall be proclaimed through a resolution issued by

the BCPC indicating therein that the applicant shall be BCPC’s nominee
as a member or representative of the local body.

C. The nomination shall only be persuasive in nature and shall not in any manner
prohibit the local body concerned in implementing its own mechanism in choosing its
own respective member or representative.