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Objective To obtain a job in animal care where I can get

hands on experience pertaining to the diagnosis
and treatment of animals

1. excellent organization skills
2. resiliency
3. friendly and work well with others
4. excellent communication skills
5. Hardworking

Education Jun 2017 - Aug 2017 Summer School:

enrichment classes
5225 E. Tweedy Boulevard
South Gate, CA 90280
Grade summer following
11th grade

Although I had good grades

in my classes I wanted to
higher my grade to have a
higher GPA.

Aug 2015 - Present International Studies

Learning Center
5225 E. Tweedy Boulevard
South Gate, CA 90280
Grade 12th grade

My school is very rigorous

b ut i feel like this will help
me in the long run. For
example getting accepted
into a good college, getting
involved in my community,
and preparing me for the
real world.

Service Aug 2017 - Present Volenteer
Graham Library
County of Los Angeles
Grade 12
6 Hrs/Week
Total Hours: 40

Volunteering at this lib rary

for community hours has
given me a sense of what it
is like to work in the real
world. I get to interact with
real life working people on a
daily b asis.

Activities Nov 2017 - Present Tennis Club
Grade 11
2 Hrs/Week
Total Hours: 4

Although I haven't b een in

the Tennis Club for that long
it has taught me to get out of
my comfort zone and that I
have to work hard for what I