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Attachment 2 How to join Van Deventer ~ Maas Indonesia Regional Meeting 1. Confirm to Person In Charge (PIC) in Your University: ~ UNFLOR ~ Bapak Fransiskus Korosando, §.Pd., M.Pd 2. Read carefully, sign (tandatangan), scan/take the agreement picture and send the Agreement to id cc. 3. Keep contact with VDMI and update your email. Correspondence will be through PIC and can be directly to above email. PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT I would like to register myself to attend the 24" Regional Meeting on 4**- 6" April 2018, in Flores University, JIn. Sam Ratulangi No. X , Paupire, Ende If by any chance, I suddenly cancel my statement to join the conference after this confirmation, as a compensation, Van Deventer-Maas will not pay my scholarship for 1 (one) month, during the period of my current school year. 6 Many End 12, March 2018 Name iT3ee Kaoeroe « Signature AL Banoo