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Optimus Prime vs Megatron
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Try out the NEW (beta) version of this page! Director Videos Subscribe to curryholes On Set With Added: June 23, 2006 "Chuck" From: curryholes 01:13 Optimus Prime and Megatron's final sh... From: Optimus Prime and Megatron's final showdown AccessHollywood in Transformers: The Movie DKA "Jak mam Note: I did not add the so-called "gay" music, ufać sobie" the song (Stan Bush - The Touch) was the 03:11 actual soundtrack to this scene in the film, and From: Grupa13 it predates Boogie Nights by over a decade. VMA: Gangstir P.S. It amazes me how many people think that Rock Launch i'm the one calling the song gay, the speech with Orlando brackets are there for a reason: I'm quoting Jones other people who have commented who for 01:33 some bizarre reason a) don't like the music and From: b) think that **I** added it to the clip (more) younghollywood (less) Category Film & Animation Backspace ~ transformers optimus prime Unfold Tags: megatron fight (more) (less) 02:03 URL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fB0_vJUc3o4 swatstuff From: Embed

Flag as Inappropriate Views: 987,996 | Comments: 1282 | Favorited: 2311 times Honors: 0Links: 5 Sites Linking to This Video: 861 clicks from http://beboframe.com/FlashFrame.jsp? Size=S&FlashBoxId=1235788933 520 clicks from http://brownfever.tistory.com/172 137 clicks from http://boom.naver.com/BoardRead.nhn? categoryId=1&articleNum=20070718212729100&filter=&topicId= 131 clicks from http://www.gamepark.cz/blog/none_6031.htm

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Showing 1–20 of 27 See All Videos The Rude Awakening of Optimus Prime 04:28 From: DRSMOOV Views: 2253152 Transformers Episode

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Show: average (-5 or better) Help Change this to see only comments above a certain value. Change the value of a comment by clicking on a thumb. Next Page: 1 2 3 ... Oldest jukeboxflip (1 hour ago) 0 (Reply) damn this is my favorite animated movie ever. 2nd has to be street fighter 2. It's sad that optimus died, but i still like hot rod. MechaBlazeEagle (2 hours ago) 0 (Reply) JOKE Prime can just run you over! Megatron is a wimp ass loser! He's just a gun, Prime is a big ass semi! LordDeimos775 (19 hours ago) 0 (Reply) Megatron was paid to throw the fight!!! ComeonDroogies (20 hours ago) 0 (Reply) I totally have this movie on DVD! That pretty sad, but I love it! kingdomheartsora (1 day ago) 0 (Reply) Agreed, god I'd throw the CD away, no problem with that, but in the movie, it's much better TyVulpine (2 days ago) 0 (Reply) Gen 1 was- and still is- the best. Gen 2 (with Rodimus Prime and Co) was so-so. The other versions can kiss my ass. lattimore27 (2 days ago) -1 (Reply) fuck you hod rod! optimus could of kill megatron just then even if he got shot once hackett152332 (2 days ago) +1 (Reply) optimus owns megatron jeibal02 (2 days ago) 0 (Reply) thats the original song you fucking idiots.even i know that and i was born almost ten yrs after the movie..how much of a dumb fuck do you have to be to think thats new... Maverick110290 (2 days ago) -1 (Reply) Transformers was cool until they made

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TRANSFORMERS ENERGON. Fcking A-holes used 3D in energon and the one after that. Old Transformers cartoon is way better dubbed and drawed than those shitty new ones. Cool music Next Page: 1 2 3 ... Oldest View all 1282 comments

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