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— LADUE POLICE DEPARTMENT * : CITY OF LADUE ‘ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MISSOURI DATE: 2/15/98 FILE NO.: 98-206 TIME: 2008 Hrs. DISTRICT: 2nd GRID NO. 217.5 SUBJECT: MISELLANEOUS (Family Dispute | received a radio call directing me to respond along with SGT. CRONIN #127 & PO WAGNER #156 to 16 Salem Estates, SHEPARD residence, reference a disturbance in the home. Upon arrival I contacted the resident, SUSAN SHEPARD WE, 16 Salem Estates Ladue, MO 63124 who stated her husband was at the house retrieving a carpet when they became involved in a verbal dispute over their current marital problems. MRS. SHEPARD said because of the argument she wanted her husband out of her house She began to order him to leave when he became angry, and proceeded to grab her right arm and push her. SHEPARD said she was not injured and requested no medical attention. | contacted SHEPARD'S husband: JOSEPH SHEPARD wi, 2024 Log Cabin Ln. Ladue, MO 63124 who stated he called his wife earlier today and requested to come over and pick-up a carpet for his home. He said she told him it was fine and to come over early in the evening. MR. SHEPARD said when he arrived his wife immediately began to argue with him and told him to leave the house. He said while he was attempting to load the carpet MRS. SHEPARD began pushing him trying to get him out of the house. coe FE = EO PO Schmitz | ph 231 ph 12/16/98 | EC 4} .. f, y oo TF ADDITIONAL SPACE IS NEEDED USE THE CONTINUATION REPORT ssamencononren 06 CONTINUATION FORM F-9 ae copes Ladue PD 98-206 315/98 Page 2 of Pages SHEPARD said he grabbed his wife's arm to stop her from pushing him as he carried the carpet. He said once he had the carpet, he left the house. He said he was not injured and requested no medical attention. All units stood by until MR. SHEPARD could load his carpet and leave the area. With MR. SHEPARD gone from the house, MRS. SHEPARD requested nothing further. © IN THE FAMILY COURT OF ST. LOUIS COUNTY; MISSOUR! Divs COURT ORINUMBER MO.ORIO9E015) ae casenuwoer S&C - 1103 | eee Shee {unuess bscLosye waveD) Suzy Shepaye — | le Salem Estecies D.0B, AGE OR soc. sec.8 © S-10 45] St. lovis Mo &3i2¥ (OATE FILE STAMP) RESPONDENT RESPONDENT'S HOME AND WORK ADDRESS: Toseph Ay Sinepard 2074 Cabin Ln. (Howe) SEX vy M | st louis Imo &3iz4 [Doe ace orgoc. sec.# 2/1 /4e 17 West Leckivced Mo 631IG (work) ‘ADULT ABUSE PETITION FOR ORDER OF PROTECTION “Lamhe ptitoner ane (V4 atieast 18 year of age {under 18 but emancipated 2._The respondent is [fat least 18 years of age {_Junder 18 but emancipated ‘3. An act of abuse or stalking a8 sated below occured at: (Address, Ciy, County, State) le Salem Esirks, St.Louis, Mo @3i24 4. Respondent and I: (check one-or more) (A are spouses {1 are related by blood [1 were related by marriage [ ] were spouses V1 have a child in common (4) 1 are owerBresing together _ vf are related by mariage 1 have no relationship other than eee Sune 1907 respondent has staked me Respondent and i: (eheck one or more) The residence in which Wei (check one or mor) 11 ont owned, ease or rented and jointy occupied by respondent and me 1 1 owned eased rented by me {1 owned eased or rented by me and someone other than respondent {1 omed eased orented by someone ee, but respondents my spouse [1 reside together 202 [ME prevent resda tpenes tt, ¢ {1 never resided together cn lance 1 porn en seeto ‘casa physiea harm to me {1 sexually assauted me |, attempted to physicaly harm me { 1] uniawtly imoraoned TYAS vie a Wyant eninacraeenstioneden pip | commune Petes, Gallact Oo | tamed ne 11 ea on ee BY THE FOLLOWING ACTS: (Include most recent date af each elas Police: teprt 1820 elt He, Comat. sold pe fece te loping Eat Y ya pushed fhe aaaivist Qe watl+ Tack mut hia sence | 3 Tae Westar Wah ee cine he binrised An pypect yy LA mé Gon xe. Ww CORES ae Theme. hovsing _ avd We. Catt Toke rey things ie EYE Se) nese! \tacrenpaient Buk Shete Ren” | Colaedt mba eA