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MIST Team 2 Project Page

Lesson Title: Virtual Reality in Instructional Design
Team: MIST Team 2

Team Members:

1. Larry Barraza
2. Zia Ahmed
3. Harold Ross
4. Nina Gill
5. Muhammad Farooq (Umer)


Points Description Notes

23/25 Introduction—rationale, Relevant graphic. Helpful introduction. Good
objectives, agenda, overall objectives. Rationale could be stronger.
directions There’s a note about many people not knowing
much about VR. For future modules, make it
explicit: Why do I as a student want to learn
more about this?
Directions for each section are clear.
37/40 Teaching/Learning Liking your PowToon animated slides.
Activities—activity Not sure what you want learners to notice in
directions, presentation of the GMP reading (pg. 114). Also: not everyone
information and/or has the paper book or the online version. Make
demonstration, learning sure to make it clear what you want someone
activities, handout, learner to take away from a short reading like this.
engagement, summary
Good choices for articles to read.
8/10 Feedback—provision for Lots of feedback in the forum. Your emails to
providing feedback, students were a nice touch.
learners receive feedback Providing additional feedback in responses to
the quiz would be helpful (why an answer is
not correct and what’s good about the answer
they chose).
Points Description Notes
It’s good to ask for feedback from your
students on the module itself.
25/25 Course Management— Looks good.
posted on time, professional
grammar & punctuation,
provision for providing
support to learners, follow-
93/100 Good job on your module. You’ve provided some excellent resources here.
As you move forward in instructional design, always be looking for ways to
assist your learners to stay engaged. The forum & quiz are good ideas… how
else might you ensure that your learners are taking more than a cursory look
at their learning modules?