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Senior Theatre Arts Majors Productions 2019

Jane Eyre Fringe
After Life
Fringe Fringe
Watch all Quarter 1 Productions to Festival: Festival:
redeem $5 off your Prom Ticket! Unmentionables Traviata
Make sure you get your card
punched by a STAMP member when Tragic Ecstasy of Beowulf:
see each performance. Girlhood (BPT) A Thousand Years of
If you miss a performance, check out
the alternate challenges on the
back! Angels in America Angels in America
Part 1: Millennium Part 2: Perestroika
Senior Theatre Arts Majors Productions 2019

Fringe Festival: Jane Eyre
After Life Rosalind Bevan
Taylor Brahms
Sean Perreira
Mariana Mondragon
Becca Sundberg Michelle Moriarty Can’t see a certain show? Damn!!
Jules Tanner

Fringe Festival: Fringe Festival: But no worries -
Traviata Unmentionables
Taire McCobb Sean Perreira Find a STAMP member from the show you
Dev Blair missed,
(not involved with the
say hi and chat,
Beowulf: Tragic Ecstasy of
Jackie Collet Girlhood (BPT) post a picture, video, or a well-crafted
Erica Huang Sarah Hirsch
Grace Georgiadis meme with them in the CFA
Maggie Markham
Grace Hill
Sarah Shin and use the hashtag #???
Angels Part 2 Angels Part 1:
Chloe Siegman Madison Findling They will mark your card and you can still
Claudia Watanabe Jack Lavey get $5 off!
Dillon McGuire
Sarah Whelan Lucy Rydell

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