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Mikal Sharrief

Period 6

Tower Challenge Lab Report  
Asking Questions: ​Can you make a tower stand 70+ centimeters (cm) for 15 seconds with only
one piece of paper and 30 cm of tape?

Forming a Hypothesis:​​ I think we can’t make a 70cm tower that stands for 15 seconds
because one piece of paper is not enough to go 70cm and it is way too flimsy to to stand up at

Testing the Hypothesis: ​The steps we took were first, we had tried to make a plan to say how
the structure would be built but we didn't get that many ideas because we had argued a lot and
we couldn't agree on anything. Then someone in our group decided to just cut a random square
and waste paper. Then we went from there and just made a horendusley planned tower which
could barely stand and was only about 30 cm tall and it wouldn't stand.

For our second trial, i couldn't do it because i didn't do my lab reflection for homework.

For trial 3, we did a little bit better. There was a bit less arguing but still a lot of arguing. The first
thing we did was assign jobs which didn't end up helping us. Then we started talking about how
we should actually build the tower. We were gonna use my idea but someone had a better idea
which we decided to go with. The structure was going well but right away I predict some
problems. For example it was very flimsy and skinny and the base wasn’t sturdy. The only
upside about the structure was that it was tall enough to meet the requirements.

Analyzing Results:​​ Our first structure took us the whole time given to us. I’m not 100% sure
how high it was but it was about 30 cm. The structure stood for most of the time but once Mr.
Murillo went to measure it, it fell over.

Our third structure took us a long time and we didn’t have enough time to finish making the base
sturdy enough. It stood about 70 cm and it couldn’t stand because the base was to unstable.

Drawing Conclusions: ​My hypothesis was correct because I thought that I couldn’t build a 70
cm tower made of 1 piece of paper and 30 cm of tape that stands for 15 seconds. The towers I
built either couldn’t stand long enough or were not tall enough.