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October 11, 2018


This letter is to inform you that Neilene Folks is no longer part of the Memorial Regional Health
Medical Clinic provider team. You are not required to make any changes at this time. If you wish to
continue receiving your care at one of our medical clinics, a list of options is provided below. If you
do wish to transfer care, your medical records can be sent to a provider of your choosing. Please
contact Jessica in our clinic medical records department at 970‐826‐2481.

For your convenience, below is a list of primary care providers who are accepting new patients
and their contact information:
Memorial Regional Health Medical Clinic ‐785 Russell Street – 970‐826‐2400
Tracey Wall, PA‐C
Kelsie Bond, PA‐C
Dr. Linda Couillard (Pediatrics)
Kevin Monahan PA‐C (Pediatrics)

Memorial Regional Health Specialty Clinic – 600 Russell Street – 970‐824‐3252
Dr. Larry Kipe
Carol Bolt, PA‐C
Bridget Barnhart, PA‐C

For Women’s Health/OBGYN Services, we also have three very experienced providers:
Memorial Regional Health OBGYN – 750 Hospital Loop – 970‐826‐8230
Dr. Scott Ellis
Dr. Laura Cieslik
Liz Kilmer‐Sterling, RN, Certified Nurse‐Midwife


Jennifer Riley
Vice President of Operations