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Spark 2 Module 1
Exercise 1: Put the verbs in the correct form of the Present Simple or the
Present Continuous.
1. Susie always __________ (do) her homework in the afternoon.
2. Tom never __________ (forget) to take his lunch with him.
3. Jenny __________ (work) very hard these days.
4. A hairdresser __________ (cut) people’s hair.
5. Tom usually __________ (wake up) very early, but today he __________
(sleep in).
6. Juan and Maria __________ (live) in Madrid, Spain.
7. Kelly, __________ (you/do) anything this Sunday?
8. __________ (Clark/fancy) watching a DVD with us?
9. Julie __________ (love) going to the theatre. Today, her mother and she
__________ (watch) Hamlet.
10. My mom __________ (cook) at the moment.
(one mark for each correct answer) Total: ___
Exercise 2: Choose between to-infinitive, bare infinitive and –ing form.
1. Do you like __________ (dance)?
2. Thomas enjoys __________ (go) to the cinema, but today he wants
__________ (go) to the theatre.
3. In the Safari Park, families can __________ (visit) many rides and
4. Tomorrow I’m going __________ (shop) with my best friend, Amy.
5. The teacher seems __________ (be) sad today.
6. My parents make me __________ (go) to sleep at 9 o’clock.
7. Would you like __________ (have) some more pizza, Annie?
8. Grandma, it’s always nice __________ (see) you again!
9. You should __________ (tidy) your room, Matthew! Visitors are coming
10. It’s no use __________ (try) to do my Maths homework. I don’t
understand it anyway.
(one mark for each correct answer) Total: ___
Exercise 3: Circle the correct answer.
1. A pilot can fly / to fly planes.
2. Do you know how use / using a computer?
3. Tomorrow Alex and Jane are going / go to an amusement park.
4. How about / Why not going to the bowling alley?
5. Sarah loves / is loving playing football.
6. “Do you fancy playing some computer games?”
“That sounds / I’d rather not.”
7. The London train is leaving / leaves at 10:30 every morning.
8. Mary is singing / sings with her band every Saturday.
(one mark for each correct answer) Total: ___
Exercise 4: Fill in the blanks with the correct word from the box.
instead professional rare nutritious adopt
busy willing hairy regular convenient

1. This food isn’t very __________. It’s full of fats.
2. Martha is __________ all the time. She hasn’t got the time to go out.
3. In the Safari Park, you can __________ an animal as a ‘buddy’.
4. I’d like to see you whenever it’s ___________ for you.
5. My dog is incredibly ___________. We have to clean the house every
other day.
6. Mr Jackson knows what he’s doing. He’s a __________.
7. I don’t want to do my homework. I want to play computer games
8. To stay healthy, it’s important to eat __________ meals.
9. Christina is a patient teacher and she is always __________ to help the
children who don’t understand.
10. It’s extremely __________ to see a white lion nowadays.
(one mark for each correct answer) Total: ___
Exercise 5: Circle the correct answer.
1. A firefighter must be very brave / sociable to be able to run into fires.
2. Today I have the night shift / thing. I’m coming back in the morning.
3. Barbara seems to be a very intelligent / caring mother.
4. Chris is not a teacher. Actually / Already he’s a student.
5. Paella and tapas are creative / national dishes of Spain.
6. Most teenagers in Europe are popular / crazy about football.
7. Lee is our buddy / guide here at the Safari Park. He tells us everything
about the animals.
8. A nurse doesn’t earn / sign as much as a doctor.
9. In a handball match, two teams of 7 play through / against each other.
10. When bombs fall, people must get into the special shelters / caves.
(one mark for each answer) Total: ___
GRAMMAR: ___/30 VOCABULARY ___/20 TOTAL ___/50

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