Test on Module 2
Name: Date: Grade: /100

Exercise 1: You meet Jo on Monday morning. Write questions and find
out about her weekend.
You what / you / do at the weekend?
What did you do at the weekend?
Jo I went to a party on Saturday

1. You you / have / a good time?
Jo Yes, thanks. It was great!
2. You what / you wear?
Jo I wore my new jeans.
3. You what time / the party finish?
Jo It finished very late – about twelve o’clock.
4. You what time / you get up in the morning?
Jo At about eleven o’clock. Really late.
5. You what / you / do in the afternoon?
Jo Not much. I was very tired!
Total: __ / 10
Exercise 2: Complete the sentences with the correct form or used to and
the verbs in the box.
be not watch play not have
wear live

1. I don’t wear glasses now, but I __________ them when I was younger.
2. My dad __________ board games with me, but now he hasn’t got the
3. My grandparents ____________ TV when they were children because
they didn’t have one.
4. Before we moved to our house, we __________ in a flat.
5. My brother __________ a shop assistant, but now he’s a fire fighter.
Total: __ / 10
Exercise 3: Put the verbs in brackets into the past simple.
Bryan Adams comes from Canada. He (a) __________ (leave) school at sixteen
and (b) __________ (work) as a gardener. He (c) __________ (start) his career
as a singer at the age of eighteen. He (d) __________ (work) hard then. He only
(e) __________ (become) famous in 1987 when he (f) __________ (make) his
first album which he (g) __________ (call) “Reckless”. After “Reckless” no one
(h) __________ (hear) about him for a while, until 1991 when he (i)
__________ (sing) “Everything I Do, I Do It for You” which (j) __________
(be) a great success. After that he (k) __________ (go) on a world tour. Today,
Bryan Adams is back in Canada enjoying his success.
Total: __ / 11
Exercise 4: Fill in the blanks with past simple.
Two men (a) were (be) at sea in a small motor boat. It (b) __________ (begin)
to rain and the sea (c) __________ (become) very rough. Suddenly the engine
(d) __________ (stop). The men (e) __________ (try) but they (f) __________
(can / not) start it again. Then a huge wave (g) __________ (crash) against the
boat and the two men (h) __________ (fall) into the cold sea. Luckily there (i)
__________(be) a big ship nearby and the captain (j) __________ (see) the two
men. He immediately (k) __________ (tell) some of his crew to get a lifeboat
and save the men. The crew in the lifeboat (l) __________ (rescue) the two men
and (m) __________ (take) them onto their ship. One of the crew (n)
__________ (give) the men blankets and (o) __________ (make) them hot
drinks. When they (p) __________ (arrive) at the harbor the two men (q)
__________ (thank) the captain of the ship and his crew for saving their lives.
Total: __ / 16
Exercise 5: Choose the correct word.
a. Anne is very dishonest / lazy. She never does her homework.
b. Abraham Lincoln stopped slavery / legend.
c. Colombus’ achievement / appearance was the discovery of America.
d. The Indians fought / married against the colonists.
e. Marie Curie got fat / ill because of radiation.
f. Dolphins often swim on the eruption / surface of the sea.
g. “Tommy’s party last Saturday was great!” “Yes, it’s a shame / wonder I
missed it.
h. Grace’s favourite school subject is civilisation / astronomy.
i. The Maya built / disappeared because of a war or a drought.
j. Lizzie can’t travel by ship. She always gets sea-sick / cowardly.
k. Stonehenge was built in the 3rd century / figure BC.
l. Marley is in fight / prison for theft.
m. Harriet got lost in the forest / bridge.
Total: __ / 13
Exercise 6: Fill in the blanks with the words in the box.
ruler ancient died alive president peace
arrested height promote result
a. Leonard Cohen __________ in 2016.
b. Arthur is very tall, while his brother is of medium __________.
c. __________ Greeks invented democracy.
d. Pocahontas fought for __________.
e. Politicians must __________ the interests of the people.
f. The __________ of World War II was that Germany lost.
g. Every animal tries to stay __________.
h. Alexander the Great was a __________. He led the Macedonians to war.
i. George Washington was the first American __________.
j. If you are __________, you need a lawyer.
Total: __ / 20
Exercise 7: Fill in: from … to, at, past, inside, out of, towards, across,
under, through.
This is Newton High Street. An old lady is walking (a) __________ the post
office. Her dog is looking at a cat which is hiding (b) __________ a car. (c)
__________ the car there is a man. A
woman is getting (d) __________ the
car. A policeman is walking (e)
__________ the street (f)
__________ the bank. A boy’s
bicycle is leaning against the lamp
post. The boy is walking (g)
__________ the door of a sweet shop
which is by the bank. There’s a bus
(h) __________ the bus stop. It’s
going (i) __________ Newton (j)
__________ Busworth.
Total: __ / 20