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Date: ______________ Name: ______________ Grade: __ / 100
1. Create sentences using the prompts. Use the Past Continuous.

a. Mary and George – dance – while music – play loud.
b. Bob and Ben – drink – while Christina – eat sandwiches.
c. Ted and Steve – sing.
d. Alison – clean – as dog – bark.
e. James – sleep on the sofa – while Sheila – try – wake him up.
f. Susan – bring coffee.
g. Chris – leave the party – as Paula – sing.
Points: __ / 14

1. Put the verbs in brackets into Past Continuous or Past Simple.
Last night I a) __________ (have) a wonderful dream. This is what I b)
__________ (dream). We c) __________ (take) a trip to Hawaii. I was with
my family and two of my friends. We d) __________ (be) on a ship and
we e) __________ (travel) to Honolulu. On the ship there f) __________
(be) a disco. We g) ___________ (sit) on nice comfortable seats and we h)
___________ (drink) exotic cocktails. Lots of people i) __________
(dance) and the music was playing loudly. We j) __________ (have) a lot
of fun! When the ship k) __________ (arrive) in Honolulu, a man l)
__________ (wait) to take us to our hotel. The hotel where we m)
__________ (stay) was next to a beach with palm trees. Drums n)
__________ (beat) and people on the beach o) __________ (sing) and were
dancing to the music. The music p) __________ (get) louder and louder,
until I q) __________ (can) hear a ringing in my ears. It r) __________
(be) my alarm clock! It was 7 o’clock, and time to get up for school!
Points: __ / 18

2. Put the verbs in brackets into Past Simple or Past Continuous.
Dear Peter,
I’m writing to tell you about what happened to me last week while I 1)
__________ (visit) my aunt who lives by the sea. One afternoon I 2)
__________ (take) her dog for a walk by the cliffs when I 3) __________
(see) a girl who 4) __________ (climb) a tree by the edge of the cliff. As
she 5) ___________ (hang) there, the branch suddenly 6) __________
(break) and the girl 7) __________ (fall) over the edge. I 8) __________
(run) to the edge, but although the girl 9) __________ (shout) for help, I
10) ___________ (can / not) see her. I 11) ___________ (think) about what
to do when a man 12) ___________ (come) along the cliff path. I 13)
__________ (explain) everything and while he 14) __________ (go) for
help I 15) ___________ (talk) to the girl. Well, everything 16) __________
(end) happily. The girl was rescued and her parents 17) ___________
(thank) me by giving me a large bunch of flowers. The story 18)
___________ (be) in the newspaper too! That’s all my news – write and
tell me yours soon.
With love,
Points: __ / 18
3. Fill in the blanks with the correct word from the table.
a. I can’t eat pistachio ice cream because I’m allergic to __________.
b. I took many __________ at my village’s festival last year.
c. My grandmother prepared a huge __________ when my cousins
visited in March.
d. In Halloween, people put hollow __________ outside their houses.
e. Be careful with the roses, because they have __________.
f. My friend’s house is only 2 __________ away.
g. You’re dirty, you need to get in the __________ right now!
h. You mustn’t get too close to the __________, it’s dangerous!
i. Jerry __________ to go to university in Italy.
j. In Greece, it is a __________ to throw rice at weddings.
k. His friends were a bad __________ for him.
l. I hated this photograph so I _____ it _____.
m. “Chocolate cake is the best!” “Yes, I __________.”
n. A big __________ watched the fireworks display.
o. “How was the food at the party?” “It was __________. I didn’t like
it at all.”
Points: __ / 30
4. Circle the correct word.
a. I dressed up as a clown at the feast / fancy dress party.
b. Who won the regatta / parade?
c. Who threw / felt the book at John?
d. I love the competition / legend of King Arthur and the wizard
e. Up on the mountain, it was very misty / wet. We couldn’t see
f. This knife is very huge / sharp. You must be careful.
g. “What time did you move / reach Paris?” “At 5 o’clock in the
h. According to / Come alive the story, Cinderella’s godmother was
a fairy.
i. My aunt went to great / greet the guests.
j. Don’t be scared, Alex! The Loch Ness monster doesn’t exist /
k. Planes land / take place on the airport.
l. “I met Tom Cruise!” “Take a step back! / Are you serious?”
m. I was walking all day and now I’m excited / exhausted.
n. Nobody can predict / win the future.
o. The Japanese have many strange customs / costumes that
foreigners cannot understand.
p. “What is your favourite ride / fairytale?” “Snow White and the
Seven Dwarves.”
q. The haunted house was so scary that I had to hold my breath /
have the time of my life throughout!
r. They will let off / take pictures the fireworks at midnight.
s. Catherine paints / looks like her mother. They have the same eyes
and hair.
Points: __ / 20

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