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Exercise 1: Fill in the blanks with be going to + verb.
Hi Ross!
I (1) __________ (not chat) online for a few days. My brother and I (2)
__________ (fly) to Canada. It (3) __________ (be) so exciting!
We (4) __________ (stay) with my uncle in Vancouver. He (5)
__________ (take) us on a boat trip to see whales!
I (6) __________ (not miss) that!
See you soon. David.
Points: __ / 3
Exercise 2: Write what you think will or won’t happen.
1. My cousins – not come – to my party
I’m afraid _________________________________________.
2. It – be – cold tomorrow night
I’m sure __________________________________________.
3. We – have – a pleasant school year
I believe __________________________________________.
4. I – not come – with you tonight
I guess ___________________________________________.
Points: __ / 2
Exercise 3: Choose and circle.
1. My parents and I will / are going to visit Thailand next summer.
We booked out tickets yesterday.
2. “I’m going to Patty’s tonight.”
“Oh, really? I’ll / I’m going to join you then.”
3. “These boxes are very heavy.”
“I will / I’m going to carry them for you.”
4. Call me when you will arrive / arrive at the station so I can pick
you up.”
5. I am not sure yet. I will probably / am probably going to buy the
blue shirt.
6. “Why do you need ten pounds of strawberries?”
“I’ll / I’m going to make strawberry jam.”
7. “Will you / Are you going to come to the tennis club with us?”
“That’s a good idea.”
8. What time does the bus to York leave / is the bus to York going to
9. Scientists believe there will / are going to be flying cars in the
10. I feel dizzy. I’ll / I’m going to faint.
Points: __ / 10
Exercise 4: Rewrite with unless or if + negative.
1. Kit can’t do this calculation, unless you help him. = Kit can’t do
this calculation ______________________________________.
2. If Sam doesn’t surf the Net, he won’t find any information. =
___________________________, he won’t find any information.
3. Unless you are insensitive, you will make friends easily. =
_____________________________, you will make friends easily.
4. David won’t be happy if he doesn’t break the record. = David
won’t be happy _________________________________.
Points: __ / 4
Exercise 5: Complete with the correct tenses of Zero, First or Second
Conditional (you may need to use Imperative).
1. If you drop something made of glass, it __________ (break).
2. If the pain __________ (not stop) soon, I will call a doctor.
3. If you come with us to the concert, you __________ (have) a great
4. If Mr. Kent had a car, he __________ (walk) to work.
5. If you visit the British Museum, ___________ (not miss) seeing
the Parthenon Marbles.
6. If I __________ (be) you, I would ask her before taking her
7. If you __________ (mix) red and blue, you don’t get green.
8. If she __________ (not find) a better job, she will move to a bigger
9. If I __________ (not understand) this, I would ask my teacher.
10. Iron doesn’t rust if you ___________ (paint) it.
11. If Jill could ski, she ___________ (go) to the Alps with us.
Points: __ / 11
Exercise 6: Form the adverbs and then fill in with the comparative or the
superlative degree. Add the or than where necessary.
1. Jean gets up __________ (early) in her family.
2. Philip drives __________ (fast) his brother.
3. Jo behaves ___________ (responsible) Ted.
4. She sings __________ (beautiful) of all.
5. Brian works __________ (hard) his brother.
6. Mabel speaks __________ (polite) of all my friends.
7. Alex plays the piano ___________ (good) than Harry.
8. Mr. Blick shouts __________ (angry) Mr. Pitt.
9. Tom always arrives ___________ (late) of all.
10. Freddie speaks English ___________ (bad) than Nathan.
Points: __ / 10
Exercise 7: Choose and circle.
1. Debbie can’t swim as ___ as her friends.
a. fast b. fastly c. faster
2. Lorraine always does ___ in the class tests.
a. better b. good c. the best
3. Flowers will die ___ you water them daily.
a. unless b. if c. not
4. ___ you post me this letter if you aren’t in a hurry?
a. Would you post b. Will you post c. Do you post
5. Make sure the windows are shut before you ___ the house.
a. leave b. left c. would leave
6. Victor can jump ___ of all the boys.
a. higher b. high c. the highest
7. If you feel tired, ___ to bed early.
a. will go b. goes c. go
8. I think I ___ to sleep now.
a. go b. will go c. am going to go
9. Tomorrow evening, I ___ to the cinema with John.
a. go b. am going to go c. will go
10. French is the ___ of all my lessons.
a. easiest b. most easily c. easier
Points: __ / 10
Exercise 1: Choose the correct word from the box and fill in the gaps.

glow ape equipment sharp explore
admission breath tent upset heritage

1. Come, Tom, we need to set up the __________.
2. The Pyramids are part of the Egyptian ___________.
3. Did you know? Fireflies __________ in the dark.
4. You can’t go down the mountain without some safety __________.
5. Hello! I’d like to know the price of __________ for the
Metropolitan Museum of Art.
6. Don’t listen to music too loudly! You will __________ the
7. Modern science says that man comes from __________.
8. Christopher Columbus was one of the first to __________
9. Don’t run so fast! I’m already out of __________!
10. Don’t annoy the cat because it has very __________ nails.
Points: __ / 20
Exercise 2: Circle the correct choice.
1. I’ll see you tomorrow at 10, Ben! My pleasure / Take care!
2. I can’t go on! I’m going to faint / upset!
3. Graham Bell was the inventor / explorer who made the first
4. “What are you doing?” “I’m looking for / following a torch.”
5. The bowling alley hopes / provides the necessary shoes.
6. “Why is there no water?” “One of the caves / tubes broke and
we’re waiting for the plumber.”
7. “Do stalagmites hang down / fall from the roof of a cave?” “No,
those are the stalactites.”
8. Tomorrow I’m going to the shopping centre / amusement park. I’m
going to get on some great rides!
9. “The view from here is chilly / spectacular!” “Well, it is a five-star
10. I don’t like it when dad shouts / shines.
Points: __ / 20
Exercise 3: Choose the correct word.
1. In an aquarium, you can see many types of ___.
a. castles b. fish c. paintings
2. They found a tomb between the other ancient ___.
a. ruins b. centres c. statues
3. Sally loves to shop for ___.
a. footwear b. hotels c. stalactites
4. White-water rafting sounds a bit ___, but it’s not, if you know what
to do.
a. different b. dangerous c. silly
5. I was so tired I could fall asleep on the ___.
a. bed b. dream c. ground
6. This kitten’s fur is so ___.
a. sharp b. slow c. soft
7. Watch ___! You’re going to crash!
a. out b. of c. in
8. We booked ___ at a four-star hotel.
a. travel b. sight c. accommodation
9. Today we’re taking a sightseeing ___ of the city.
a. tour b. walk c. ride
10. Is this information ___?
a. short b. correct c. precious
Points: __ / 10